Monday, 14 July 2014

Book on Amazon Countdown Special Price

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 It's in Their Eyes 


Abused or abuser, it's in their eyes. Gemma was a child who knew all about men's desires, but nothing else of life until she ran away from home. 

Thanks to William and Louise, her life was to change in ways she never knew existed. Gemma later had an idea, which became her plan. Could she turn it into a reality, or would it forever remain a dream? With her friends Angel, Rose and Maisie she was determined to try. 

A story that might shock, make you cry or inspire and uplift you. Whichever it does, it is one you will never forget. 


"…do not let the subject matter worry you, this is so lovingly written and well handled that I want to read more from this author…" MB 

"A hard book to read, impossible to ignore… 
…On the merits of this engrossing story with its vivid characters, and because of the sheer need for a book like this, I am rating it five stars" JT 
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