Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Animal Torture and Abuse in China

Boycott Chinese Products 

For some time, we have been subjected to photographs of the most inhuman, barbaric torturous acts done to dogs and other animals in China (and Korea). This is by no means a rare pastime, it is done in general all over and accepted by their people as normal behaviour. It is far from normal.

People kill for food - fact. Abattoirs are places that often see cruelty in every country, but the Chinese don't kill cleanly or quickly, they love torturing animals and seem to get a perverse pleasure from watching their suffering.

Photographs can be seen anywhere anyone cares to look on the internet of these sick people taking close up photo's of animals writhing in agony and screaming as they are being boiled to death slowly in the open at markets. These perverted forms of inhuman dross are even smiling while doing so. Yes, smiling - almost manically in some cases.

We need to do something about this to get it stopped. Bears and other animals are trapped in cages where they cannot move and are cramped with legs and head bent in the most horrendous and cruel ways till eventually (if they're lucky!!) dying from abuse, or from other means you don't want to even know about.

China town in many other countries has bodies of animals strung up on display that are sometimes unable to be identified. What are they and do any of you care to find out? Where are they coming from and where and how are they being killed? It is our responsibility to help our animal friends and do all we can to stop these barbaric acts.

If everyone shared this post and asked their friends to do what I and many others are now doing, we WILL make a difference. I am boycotting anything and everything to do with China or Korea. I refuse to buy anything with a label on it with their name whether it be food, clothing, toys or anything else.

I ask all of you to do the same. Complain to the shops who stock these items and purchase anything from them. Ask them to stop buying from China or you'll take your custom elsewhere. Do not visit on holidays or have business dealings with their country. Ask everyone you know to follow suit.

If every person who reads this did these things, China would soon see all the world standing up in protest at their cruelty and inhumanity to the creatures (and even their own people). We CAN make a difference. It has been proven over and over that people power enables change.

I haven't shown any photographs here, as they are so bad, I will have them embedded in my brain for ever more. Every day I have nightmares thinking of the things I have seen that Facebook refuse to ban and so many people love to show for some reason. I will not inflict such things on your brains, but ask you to help me make a difference and maybe save the lives of all these poor suffering animals - or at least help stop the torture that is going on every day on a huge scale bigger than you can even imagine.

For those of you able to stand such cruel things - go to to read for yourself and there is much more you can find IF you even could face seeing or reading about it.

Be VERY careful if signing a petition, as a small clause allows them to post horrific photo's on your Facebook page without you being aware they have.

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