Saturday, 14 June 2014

Two Honours Lists Now Needed

There needs to be two Honours Lists in the UK from now on. Each time we look, all we see are celebrities faces shining out at us for having been awarded an honour for - wait for it - going to work every day!

If they are celebrities or well known and have done something above and beyond their day job as well, that is a different matter, but to receive one for going to work each day and being feted and fawned all over in the meantime? 

This habit of Prime Ministers putting forward people to be made Dames, Knights, Lords, CBE's and more just for going to work in something they enjoy and find easy to do is ridiculous and needs to stop. They also put forward names of people they know for having done nothing but who ask for a title - as I can prove in one case.

Celebrities and professionals in certain fields are already receiving awards for outstanding performances or duty to their profession, so why the Honours list as well? What is extraordinary about their job compared to any other person in the country - apart from the fact they're paid millions and the others can barely live?

The ones making charities work are the unpaid volunteers doing the hard work. Without them, there would be no charities. Now we have shop managers paid a salary (high ones of course) and CEO's on more than is decent when working for a charitable concern. 

The ones who should get the award and recognition is the unpaid volunteer only and not the paid employees as well. Interestingly enough, the unpaid volunteer doing the dirty work and making the charity happen are given the most lowly awards, while the highly paid and feted CEO's are given the top honours - why?

There should be a list for ordinary people who prove themselves to be extraordinary by going above and beyond what most others do. These are the people who should have the top honours and whose faces we should be seeing in the papers and on our television screens.

I know so many people who only work for charities if they can be Chairman, President or the like. The moment they have to step down, they have nothing to do with the charity again. Before they were approached (by their friends) and asked to be Chairman or similar, they had never worked for or supported the charity either.

They never do any charitable works, but get the glory of being head of it and sit on top tables at dinners receiving applause and thanks while the ones actually working are ignored. Come Honours list time  you can almost bet your bottom dollar they'll be the ones on the list too.

Can you imagine any of the heads of Charities at head office level doing that job and being involved in said charity if they were receiving a normal salary like everyone else?  A job with no expenses paid and no functions to attend where they could live a great life?

Film stars, pop stars, footballers and the like who get awards on the honours list for just that are also a joke. They work like you and me. They get paid a fortune for it - unlike you and me. They are feted and fawned over wherever they go, get sent freebies all the time. Perfumes, designer clothes and the like are given to them just because they are well known and then they get an honour from the queen for it - Why?

Sorry, but it is high time this mockery of the system was stopped and brought back for what it should be. Extraordinary people doing and achieving over and above normal everyday things for others - not themselves.

Entertaining others doesn't come into that category no matter how clever or entertaining. Good luck to them and I don't begrudge them a penny of the millions they can earn. They are working for it and even if wages are indecent (as per footballers) so be it. 

What we need to see though is a real Honours list again. One filled with people who we can applaud and look up to in astonishment at their achievements and tenacity. The only time any celebrity should be on an Honours list is when they have done something other than the job. Something that comes into being extraordinary and above everyday achievements for others. 

Let's scrap the mockery of the condescending awards to the obligatory lollipop lady, loo cleaner, teacher etc. all done to pretend it's a list of real people. The politicians are fooling no one and it makes it even more of a mockery and is condescending and sickening to see. 

Bring in two Honours lists. One for the real heroes and one for the famous faces, politicians, councillors, heads of charities etc. who have done nothing but go to work for a darned good wage packet - unlike the ones doing the real work and usually ignored. Make the top honours for the hard workers making the charities happen, rather than the fat cats at the top who are only there for the pay packet not the charity they are meant to be serving.

Maybe it's just me being a grumpy old woman, but having seen too many people receive awards for doing nothing, apart from sitting on head tables at functions and a man being made a Lord just because he asked to be, I can't take it seriously any more.

That and awards for no more than being a famous name means titles and honours are ignored by most people now and looked at as being something that comes with the territory. They mean nothing any more and that's because of the joke it's become. We need to do something about it or stop the Honours list totally for the future.

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