Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tribute to Miracle Priest - My Uncle

You may remember the tribute I did for my uncle. Yesterday, his body was received into the church in readiness for tomorrow's funeral.

He was called a miracle priest by the Bishop due to the fact he had a major life threatening illness many years ago that he wasn't expected to survive. Even if he had, we were told he'd be a vegetable for life. Three months later, he was taking first holy Communions as though nothing had happened.

His healing gift was amazing. The times people had prayers and masses said that resulted in cures and lives saved I can't count. I was one of those people he helped with his healing gift. I am convinced that anyone asking him to intercede for them or their families will be heard. Here is a tribute in just one of the newspapers where you can read more about this remarkable man should you so wish.


For anyone who doesn't know, when a coffin is brought into the church, the body is laid with feet facing the altar. As he is a priest, the coffin is turned when reaching where it is to rest and the head is facing the altar. Also, again, due to his being a priest, the coffin is not left bare, it is draped in white satin and there is a gold cross the length of the coffin in the centre. Then, a gold chalice is placed on there, an open Bible and a stole placed as you can see in the photo.

The local paper told me this is possibly the biggest funeral the Bay will ever have seen with so many bishops and clergy attending. He was the most remarkable man and I am humbled to have had him as a member of my family and my uncle. (Gerry is pronounced with a soft "g" as in Get not Jet) Below is one of the articles from the newspapers who have reported about him. It talks of how he managed to escape being captured in the war and how he trial'd for Glasgow Celtic Football Club

From Exeter's Express and Echo Newspaper


A former Budleigh Catholic priest, who has died aged 93, will be laid to rest tomorrow. Father George Gerry, a World War Two veteran and talented footballer, passed away aged 93 after a life spent ministering across Devon. Bishop Mark O’Toole and his predecessor emeritus Bishop Christopher Budd, along with 30 clergy from the diocese, are expected to preside at the funeral at Our Lady Help of Christians and St Denis, Torquay, at midday on Tuesday… To read more CLICK HERE

Funeral today. Bad picture sorry. Bishop in purple vestments


I am now back home and I can't tell you how magnificent it was. The Bishop was so kind and such a gentle lovely man. The recently retired Bishop doesn't live on the mainland any more and yet also flew in today especially for the funeral and was flying straight back. I can't tell you how emotional it was seeing a procession coming into the church headed by a Bishop in his purple, wearing his Mitre and carrying his staff followed by so many priests all wearing matching vestments.

They were followed in by deacons and so many altar servers I can't tell you. The choir throughout was wonderful their voices soaring. At the end, the same procession led the coffin out only this time, with the family following behind it.

As we reached the door, the bishops and priests filled the car park. They placed the coffin in the hearse and all was quiet as they placed him inside. Then suddenly, with no warning THIS is what happened next. It sounded exactly like in this video, but much more so due to the amount of priests there were there.

It was the most incredible, overwhelming and humbling funeral I have ever attended. Drained - totally drained so may not be on here toll later. Thank you all so much for prayers and thoughts

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