Monday, 14 April 2014

Pesticides Are Killing Us

More and more people now have eczema, asthma, diabetes and various cancers. Pesticides are on everything we eat unless it is organic. In fact, there is more rubbish in all the food we eat than there is proper food. Why do we have a tiny section of very expensive organic foods when everything we ate years ago was free of all chemicals and organic anyway?

Meat, crops, dairy produce, fruit, vegetables and anything else you care to mention is tampered with and filled with potentially lethal things that kill and cause illness or allergies. Who decided everything had to be sprayed or filled with preservatives and chemicals - farmers, supermarkets or the government I wonder?

Have you seen the protective clothing people have to wear when spraying things we then put in our bodies? Look at this picture of strawberries being sprayed and how he is dressed to do it.

Would you go and pick one of the ones in this photograph and eat it if you were there? I'll bet you wouldn't, but someone does pick them and then you go and buy them without thought this is what happened before you did.

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Fruit and vegetables are meant to be healthy for us. Instead, it looks like they are killing us all and making everyone very ill. Eating meat is making us resistant to antibiotics due to our poor animals being fed these and other nasties.

We all know this is happening, but what is anyone doing to prevent it and get it stopped? Why aren't we all lobbying our MPs and insisting this stops before they kill all of us, as well as plant and animal life?

Bees are dying everywhere and yet still eveyone allow this to continue. I wonder if it is the government who insists it continues and if so why? Why are only a small handful of people protesting and trying to get this stopped?

Do the Prime Minister, Cabinet members, Royal Family and other prominent people of our country eat normal supermarket food, or is everything they have organic and preservative, pesticide and chemical free? I'll bet they don't.

If not why not? I love good food too, but we aren't able to afford it to the extent they make sure they can. Manure is a natural product farmers used all the time, then the government insisted they had to use a certain amount of man made fertilisers also. Why? Guess who supplies it?

People of the older generation all lived till a ripe old age due to good healthy diets. It was rare to hear of all the illnesses, diseases and allergies to the degree we have now. People are dying younger and younger - is this some sort of secret plan I have to ask? What other reason could there be for slowly poisoning and killing us unless it is for the monster of today's world - money and greed?

There is one woman campaigning to get this dangerous killing spree stopped and it is time we all joined her - IF we care about our health and that of our children.

Do YOU care enough to help get this stopped? People power works. Help save your life today and join Georgina in her campaign CLICK HERE

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