Monday, 20 January 2014

New Book - Promotional Price 61p

This is me dipping not only my toes in the water with my first attempt at fiction, but both feet. The story has a background that may shock some of my regular readers, as it isn't something they'd probably expect from me. It isn't anything I'd expect from me either.

I have no idea where the book, its sequel or book three came from (both others already written), but it is a pretty amazing story and about characters I have come to love and greatly admire. It might seem strange for an author to say this about their own work, but I feel like they are real people and now a part of my life. Beta readers have said the same thing, I hope you all do too.

There is a shocking part in chapter eight, which I hate, but it needs to be there and all readers say to leave it in, as it has to be. I cried for three days having written it, but recognise the shock of the truth is the only way to make people stop burying their heads in the sand about what happens. This IS what happens and I have talked of it in the mildest sense there is. I can assure you, the reality is often much worse.

It's in Their Eyes


Abused or abuser, it’s in their eyes if anyone cares to look. Sadly, most don’t. Gemma was a child who knew all about men’s desires, but nothing else of life until she ran away from home. Thanks to William and Louise, her life was to change in ways she never knew existed.

Most people bury their heads in the sand about this subject, but Gemma had an idea. Could she turn it into reality, or would it remain a dream? With her friends Angel, Rose and Maisie she was determined to try. A story that might shock, make you cry or inspire and uplift you. Whichever it does, it is one you will never forget.

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It will be available for Kindles on Amazon from January 21st
Paperback will follow in February

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