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What Did Princess Diana say About Day Two of Her Marriage?

The above title refers to something Princess Diana said to my husband and me when we were presented to her at Buckingham Palace. That and more is discussed in these pages. This isn't a book for people into politics. I can't stand politics - especially not after that period of my life. To be honest - it often bores me rigid. It isn't even a book about Jeffrey Archer - he just ended up being in my story for reasons you'll discover for yourself.

Sometimes, we do things that can change our every day life. This is a story showing how I did just that, making things change in a way I would never dream would ever happen to me. Imagine waking up one day as normal then, because of making just a couple of telephone calls, by the end of the day you end up on television and radio and the front page of newspapers. That is what happened to me. Life for the next few months would not be the same again.

Making those calls seemed an easy and innocent thing to do and yet threw me into a life of political intrigue and mystery, government lies, meeting Princess Diana, going to Buckingham Palace, having dealings with government ministers, being talked about in Parliament for months and so much more.

I had no idea on waking up that particular morning, I'd even be making those calls. Once I did, I thought I could walk away quietly, but wasn't able to for reasons I hadn't foreseen. This account takes you behind the scenes where you'll live life through my eyes and emotions during those few months.

What you read will probably astound you. Living through it was satisfying, frustrating, exhilarating, exhausting, emotional, funny, scary and so much more. This is a truth the government never wanted you to hear. Those who have already seen it, are astounded and angry at what they have discovered our government seemed to have been doing - and still seem to be.

This account is the journey of an ordinary woman who ended up unintentionally meeting politics head on at the highest levels. A woman who still doesn't understand how it happened the way it did and why they should have behaved in the ways you will read of in these pages.

This is a story they wanted kept hidden. This is a story I hope you'll talk of everywhere you can to show them that we CAN be heard and more to the point, what the people of Britain did deserves to now be acknowledged at long last.

Seeing the title of my book will prove to you one fact, the only name you associate with a Kurdish appeal is Jeffrey Archer's. It shouldn't be, as his was later proven to be possibly the smallest in the country. There was one much larger. In fact, the largest independent appeal at the time. Larger than anything anyone can imagine and yet that was hidden. Why?

Find out in these pages as you follow my life on that incredible journey and where it took me and how. Who knows, maybe you were one of the incredible people I talk about for the amazing things they did and achieved. My face is on the front, as I want them to see me coming as I tell you our story - the story of the British public.

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 Mark Borg's review of Jeffrey Archer:The Kurds 'The simple truth',May 28, 2013
This review is from: Jeffrey Archer: The Kurds "The Simple Truth" (Kindle Edition)
I have just finished reading this enthralling story about ordinary British people, doing extra ordinary things and making a real difference.
The style of this book, although an historical first person account, is written in a charming conversational style that really engages the reader.
Hopefully this story will eventually be read by the masses, as the honest, hard working Brits involved deserve at least aknowledgement of helping the Kurds in one of the darkets hours of their history.
Well done Lorraine, and excellent read.....
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5.0 out of 5 stars
 Part mystery, part exposé, and 100% triumph!May 30, 2013
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This review is from: Jeffrey Archer: The Kurds "The Simple Truth" (Kindle Edition)
Three things are especially notable about this book: First, although the author created and managed Parcels for the Gulf and British Aid for the Kurds - two of the largest private charities in the history of Britain - she continually described herself as a simple housewife - and made no attempt to assume a mantle of pride about her accomplishments. On the contrary, her book makes every effort to acknowledge and thank the hundreds of regular people behind the scenes who tirelessly dedicated themselves to bring relief and medical supplies to the British soldiers, and later the Kurds. Second, the book reveals the complex and challenging inner workings behind the scenes of the author's charities - in a way that captivates the ordinary reader, and inspires them to step up in their own communities and get involved. Not necessarily to create a huge charitable machine - but to simply get personally involved, even if only in some small way. And finally, the book suggests that, although people in power will sometimes steal away the credit due to others for themselves, ultimately, the truth will be revealed and the ruse exposed.

This book is much more than an exposé of stolen limelight however. Her story is laced with quintessential British humor, the challenge of missing underwear, and charming revelations while attending a royal garden party with Princess Diana. But most important of all, the author successfully wrested the laurels back from those who stole it away. Not for herself, but on behalf of the hundreds of volunteers who selflessly gave their time, money, and energy to bring comfort, supplies, and medical relief to those in need.

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