Wednesday, 19 June 2013

British Aid for the Kurds

How much do you trust your government and is anyone wise to do so? How much of what we hear is the truth and what could possibly be happening behind the scenes that none of you are meant to know about? This is a story that shows how reports in the media of what the government want to be heard are not always the truth. Here is one story they have kept hidden for twenty two years, while making you believe it to be something different.

I need you to put yourself in the place of someone who read or heard about an appeal and put themselves forward to help. How would you feel if you'd made a determined effort to do something when asked to get involved and then were ignored? Even worse, your work and part played wasn't even acknowledged. Instead it was lied about, as people pretended you never did a thing or that what you did was worthless and unwanted anyway? Imagine how this would make you feel, especially if what you did was not always easy to do and you had to make a determined effort to fit it into your life - maybe even putting aside your other day to day work and your family to do it.

At times, it could also have meant putting your hand in your pocket - possibly costing you quite a bit of money too. If you're anything like most people, you'd feel a little put out at the rudeness and nastiness of it wouldn't you and be puzzled why they were doing it? I know I would. Well, this is exactly what happened to thousands of people all over Britain in 1991, but the ones who chose to ignore and lie about what was being done was the British Government.

They decided that no one involved in the Kurdish Appeal of 1991 deserved any recognition or thanks.Instead, they decided one man had to be put forward for that, a man who came into things a month later, launching yet another appeal of his own as though it was the first and only one. That one man was very well known throughout the world and who just happened to be a friend of the Prime Minister at the time. A Prime Minister who had also already agreed to give this friend of his a peerage he'd asked for. Who was the man whose 'appeal' they chose to promote, whilst hiding the original and far more successful one run by the people of Britain? Jeffrey Archer.
So what about all these other wonderful people? The ones who had the original hidden appeal, who laid out money they could ill afford, given up time they could have used for their families or for paid work. Businesses and companies who gave of their services free of charge for months with no one ever thanking them or acknowledging what they were doing.

How would you feel if this happened to you and you had to sit by and watch one man being praised and feted for taking over something already started by someone else and claiming it for their own? One man who would also make claims of having raised millions of pounds that would later be proven he hadn't been responsible for at all - with the backing and support of a Government who already knew this to be the case? Is this how you expect your government to behave?

Whether you are interested in relief aid for foreign causes, The Kurds, Gulf War, or not interested in anything like that at all, this is still a book every person ruled by a government should read. This is a story of what happened behind the scenes to people like you - maybe it was you if you were one of the people involved at the time - and how the government behaved and lied. How they could do it again if not exposed and next time, it might be you they do it to.

This is the story of how ordinary people overcame every obstacle thrown at them by the government who were trying to make their lives as difficult as possible and despite what appeared to have been a media blackout. Well, we showed them they couldn't stop us and we ended up the largest and most successful independent organisation in the country at the time - despite what we did being hidden.

By writing and publishing this story, we have also beaten them again, as they have managed to keep our work hidden for twenty two years with no one seemingly allowed to report about anything we did. The truth is now out there and you can all read what happened for yourselves. It is also hoped you'll help us get this atrocity known and talked about (and our work) by spreading word for us about what happened. If you are one of those people who helped back in 1991, this book is for you and to show you and the world just how incredible you really were.
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