Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Sadness and Badness of Ego

Ego is a word I rarely use as this is the mantra of all forced mediums who end to be obsessed with their own and everyone else's. However, every now and then we see people who get taken over by the fact they might become well-known or able to make big money. It doesn't matter if this is them being big fish in very small ponds or larger fish in very small or even huge oceans, but some of these people change when that happens and the changes aren't aways pretty.

I get attacked often because of the work I've done for years exposing fakes, what to watch out for, how to tell real mediums from forced ones, the differences, how they work and who might just be in it for monetary gain. I am bound to make enemies and it doesn't bother me at all. The more I make, the better the job it means I'm doing to raise this awareness.

Another side of this work and seeing the ego come into play is when people come to me to learn and ask about everything and then try to make money out of what I gave them for free then go and use it for themselves to make money from claiming my teachings and words are their own. This happens a lot now. I suppose in some ways it's flattering, but it can also be against the law.

I have no problem with people spreading what we are trying to get across and teach the world and I hope many of you do help in this, but when is it acceptable and when is it wrong? When the basic teachings are given and spread that is fine, when it is done using my exact words as their own for monetary gain it isn't. You all know I have guests on my blog from time to time and I love to encourage their writing. One of these is Blair Atherton who has written a lovely book which I hope you'll all support if you haven't already.

Then we have people who copy all the names I use for my work and set up groups using the same names as mine trying to gain my following and even some who called themselves A Sceptical Medium trying to pretend it was me. One even set up a blog using my name (which is a registered Trademark) and when the link was sent to me by someone I found she had lots of chunks taken from my books which she had posted on there as her own work.

Plagiarism, which that was, is a nasty thing and is also against the law. If anyone wishes to use my words and work to teach others or help spread the word then all I ask is decent courtesy and that they say some of the content (or all if with my permission) is from my teachings given to them or from my books and blog.

The sad thing is, every person caught doing it without giving credit to me as the original author gets nasty and ends up accusing me. It is obvious they are guilty and know I have every right to sue. Up till now I haven't as most have immediately backed down when contacted. However, there are a couple breaching copyright and also infringement of two of my Trademarks which are held in both the US and the UK. 

Do I act on this now or not? The answer has to be yes sadly, because if I don't, then this escalating pattern we are seeing of people believing it acceptable to use my work as their own is only going to get worse. Examples need to be made. It is something that happens to quite a few authors as people try to make every excuse they can to say why in their case it's acceptable to have done it, but fact is fact and it is never acceptable.

Money and greed is rife in our world now and it is especially sad when it is seen in what thinks of itself as a spiritual field. This is where I see ALL of the copycat things happening though and all is done for gain for themselves. It is also where the nastiest people gather who love to call names and abuse others to cover their own badness or wrong doings. It is these people I have been exposing in my work by warning of what behaviour to watch out for. 

They always end up exposing themselves - they can't help it. Shouts of 'ego' is the first sign of someone to be wary of, 'do not judge' is another, ' we are all equal' is the third of these mantras and there are many more. They adore chakras (yes, just what are they all about?) and rituals of any kind that make them feel they are actually doing something. All these things are said by forced mediums some of who pose as natural without even having a clue what a natural medium is or does.

It is a sad year so far with my work being taken and used by others, but the truth always comes out and those who do things for self gain in such ways are always caught out in the end and shown for what they have done. It is just now getting so out of hand that people are of the opinion this behaviour is acceptable and we have no right to 'judge' them. 

Breaking the law is wrong, copying someone else's work and passing it off as your own is also wrong and is breaking the law no matter how much they want to pretend it isn't. Breaching copyright laws or using Trademarked names people have paid thousands of pounds for then pretending it is acceptable shows how bad these people are and what depths they will go to in order to make money and get their names known by riding off the backs of others.

Examples need to be made and the most effective ways are by denying them the publicity they are so desperate for and to have everything they have done or are doing of this nature blocked and to have an injunction stopping publication before it is seen by anyone else and in some cases to also sue - quietly and swiftly. More people are now doing this and it is time they did. 

Plagiarism, breach of copyright, infringement of Trademarks and theft of written works is now a huge and growing market especially with digital books. I am in total support of anyone taking whatever legal measures are necessary to set examples of those deliberately stealing these works and claiming them as their own. I am also glad to see people supporting those who do and naming and shaming to those in a position to take action.

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