Friday, 29 March 2013

Chocolate Kills Dogs and Cats

Every year, hundreds of dogs (and other animals) are killed by owners who think it either kind or clever to feed chocolate to their pets. The reason I say 'clever' is because despite some owners being told this can happen, they get arrogant and tell us they've never died yet so they'll keep feeding it to them.

Is that a dog or cat lover or is that an arrogant know it all who cares for nothing or no one except showing off how clever they are - at their dogs expense? Chocolate kills - fact. If they don't ingest enough to kill them dependant on the size of the animal and quantity eaten, it could make them very ill anyway. How they feel inside can't always be seen as it affects the heart and other organs. 

The effects of chocolate poisoning in animals usually appear within four hours of eating, and can last as long as 24 hours. They can start by vomiting or may not. Even if they do, that doesn't mean they have 'sicked it all up' and so will now be ok. That can actually be the start of something more serious and you'll need to get them to a vet post haste. Most can't be saved, but a rare few have been.

Signs to watch out for are drinking more than normal, vomiting being restless and maybe diarrhoea. They might also start panting or breathing rapidly. Get them to help as a matter of urgency.

The best thing you can do with all chocolate - and that includes chocolate biscuits, cakes, cocoa powder etc, is keep it well away from all your animals in a place it cannot be reached by jumping on anything or in any other way.

It isn't clever to ignore this warning and it is actually animal abuse to carry on feeding it to them once you know the facts and how ill it can make your animal feel. 

Save lives this Easter and share this blog post or message  to others if you're able. If you still want to get them chocolate, get it from the pet shop where the dangerous ingredient has been omitted. 

Let's make this a Happy Easter for our animal friends too.

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