Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sociopaths in Spiritual Work

We have spoken before of jealousy, spite and greed in the world of people pretending to be very spiritual beings, but why so many people are taken in by them remains a mystery. They'll join every group they can find - usually on Facebook, which is a breeding ground for wannabee mediums and spiritual beings - and it doesn't matter to them what the group stands for so long as it calls itself 'spiritual'. Most without gifts are easy to spot, but what about the sociopaths as these are far harder to recognise for what they truly are as they trawl the groups where they can find their victims.

On seeing they cannot deceive real mediums, a small handful of these people will go to any lengths to discredit those who are truly gifted wherever they can in order to elevate themselves. The lengths they will go to in order to do this is quite extraordinary and beggars belief. The lies and stories they can spin are so believable they would be better off writing fiction than trying to become spiritual beings, as their gifts certainly don't tie in with anything resembling goodness or purity of heart. I have seen more nastiness, jealousy and spite in this field than I ever have in any other and what never ceases to amaze me is how otherwise sensible people are so taken in by such lies and deceit. Even more amazing is how many sociopaths I have come across even in a field you'd think free of such people.

No person showing signs of more knowledge, awareness or ability than them is safe from these desperado's as they do all they can to try to destroy those they are so jealous of. I am not immune to this sort of attack either, but they are always foiled as the truth comes out in the end and good always overcomes badness. People can only deceive for so long as they try hard to copy things they have seen or heard from those they try to emulate and then destroy. Starved of any information or further lessons from the one who was once their mentor, the 'wisdom' they have tried to show off and pretend to others as being their own begins to dry up and this makes them even more desperate and nasty as they recognise their days are probably numbered.

If you ever come across people professing to be spiritual and yet see them doing all they can to discredit others, calling them names or being obsessed with all they do, don't just listen to what they say and believe it no matter how plausible they sound. Use the intelligence and brain God gave you and look at these people for yourself. Are they really as you are told they are? Does their work or words spoken tie in with all you have been told about them? Look for the evidence yourselves and see where the truth really lies.

Sociopaths are so lovable and believable that they win everyone they meet over to their side if they can be used to suit their purpose, but their actions, deeds and thoughts are really black as the night. They don't care a fig about anyone as people are commodities to be used to fulfill their own agenda and are cast aside once their use is over. They have no understanding of reality and what is right or wrong as their jealousy and need to be important and adored drives them to depths others could not even imagine. Their deeds and spite are usually carried out by others as they encourage those in their lair to do their dirty work for them. Pray for these lost souls, for by doing what they are and by taking others with them on their trail of destruction, they are taking you into the abyss with them.

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