Sunday, 3 June 2012

God, Religion and Mediumship

NEW BOOK - YOUR help needed.
I have started yet another new book and this one is to be about God and mediumship. It is to be one with thoughts on this from those of you who might have gifts and who also believe in God and Jesus - (whatever your religious beliefs). Did you struggle with the gifts believing they go against Him? Do you still struggle? Do you believe in God but not religion or do you believe in religion too? Do you go to church and does your priest/vicar or whichever religious leader know what you do - what is their reaction to it within your religion?
All who take part in this discussion can send answers to questions below as long as they like, but PLEASE use spell check and do NOT do text talk as it takes me all day to edit ones like that. I can edit lots but not if every other word has to be done because people can't be bothered putting in capital letters etc.
I am hoping to get this book out within weeks. Something is telling me it needs to be done so here I am. It is already well under way, but if any of you would like to add something you can send it to: as a Word document. and please say if I can use your full name and also give me city and country to put as well.
Here are questions I'd like answered If you could copy and paste them onto a Word document and put your answers under each one (in as much depth as you like) it will help me to collate them and insert into the correct chapters. Thank you.
Please also add a disclaimer stating you wish no payment now or after publication for all material used as well as full permission to use it and ti use whichever name you send me and town and country you reside in. Anyone sending anything without this disclaimer or in very bad need of editing will be deleted immediately.
1) Do you believe in Heaven and if so, what is your concept of it? Where is it, is it a place, a way of being or anything else. Tell us your thoughts on this.
2) Are natural mediums who believe in God different from those who have no belief?
3) When did you realise you were different and how did it affect you with your belief in God? Did it worry you - if not why not and if it did what did you worry about?
4) Did you ever try to talk to anyone within the church about it. If so who and what reaction did you get? Did you even find anyone withing the church who would discuss it with you?
5) Did you read the Bible (or other depending on faith) and did that help or confuse you even more?
6) Could you find other books that helped or people you could discuss it with who are not connected to the church but who also believer in God and Jesus. What did they say, how did they treat you?
7) What do you believe your gifts are meant to be for, how do you think they should be used and how often?
8) What are your thoughts on why you should be chosen to have these gifts?
9) and what path will you take them on? What is your spiritual path and what do you hope to achieve by using them?
10) Do you tell others when using them they are of God and it is Him working through you or not? 
11) Do you think that by using your gifts as you do that you've brought more people to God or made them at least think about Him and whether He exists?

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