Thursday, 23 February 2012

Let's Talk Natural Mediumship

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Is there such a thing as a natural medium or healer? Most spiritualists would have you believe you all are, but this book tells a different story.

Sensitives from around the world share their experiences with you (in their own words) from their earliest memories through to present day telling you about visions, smells, voices and other strange phenomena they experience often on a daily basis.

These are people who are taught purely by the spirit world almost from birth without the need for classes, workshops or man made teachings and definitely without a penny being spent to anyone. There are no chakras, third eyes, protection rituals, certificates or any other man made teachings in these pages as this is pure mediumship only as the spirit world intended and as rarely acknowledged by most who profess to be spiritual beings or are man taught.

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This book is unedited in parts where people use their own words. This is to make sure their personality comes over. Some editing has been done when needed for easy reading, but grammar, spelling and punctuation may not be always correct in these passages.

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