Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lorraine Holloway-White says, 'Thank You'

Rather than do a regular post, I wanted to talk to you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart. So many of you who visit this site and who have read my books in the last few months have taken the time to contact me and say some very kind things about how they've helped you. Some have even written wonderful reviews on Amazon for me which helps the books get seen further afield, so thank you to those who have taken the time to do that for me also.

One thing most of you have in common is that you say you wish I was nearer so I could come and talk to you and help further. I too wish this could happen and firmly believe this year it might well start. Watch this space!!

When I was struggling to understand all the things happening to me many years ago and had no one to turn to, I knew there must be others like me in the world who were confused, but struggled to find any of them to share experiences with and there certainly wasn't anyone who could advise me. There was never a book or magazine article that covered what we go through either and this is why I decided to try to help others if I was able.

It is rather a bold thing to say and hope to achieve as this is a huge world and why should I believe I would be the only one out there who is trying to do this work and more to the point, why do I think I could even succeed in doing it and can help others? I would love to visit as many of you as possible as some have now become dear friends too and maybe one day, someone who can arrange these things will decide it should happen, but until someone somewhere with the ability to put me in magazines or television interviews comes along, I carry on with one to one's and hope I can help as many as possible in some small way.
It has become very clear to me since I started this just how many of us are out there as Sensitive's and yet no one caters for us at all. Everything and everywhere you look it is about man taught mediums and none of them accept we are different from them. Well we are and as the ones chosen by God to receive these special gifts and help others, it would be rather nice if we had some help and were recognised for being 'different' and the 'real deal'.

We can all help with this. Spread the word on all your social networking sites; join the Sensitive's group on Facebook (link below), talk to me on there, tell the rest of us what's happening to you and let's offer each other that support network that is missing at present. My dear wish is to also educate people about the many frauds out there and what to watch out for - I hope this too is being achieved in some small way.
I have an idea of how to take what I'm doing forward this year and am planning something as I speak to you. It will take a little time to start with, but I think you'll be pleased with what I have thought of. There is also another idea for a book that all of you can help with, but I'll chat about that another time. For now, just thank you so very much and if there is anything I can do to help you, you know I'll try my very best to do so.
Lorraine xx

If you support natural mediums and healers, are one yourself or just believe there is a difference to natural and man taught, please see our Sensitive’s group on Facebook and ask to join to show us you support what we do. Thank you.

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