Monday, 26 December 2011

Torture and Cruelty

What is it with some people that they thrive on being cruel to others or to animals? I have just been sitting watching television totally relaxed and enjoying a glass of champagne. It was 3.30pm and I decided it was a real treat to be sitting with my feet up, drinking champagne so early in the day and not feeling at all guilty about it and then I ruined it all.

I looked at the television planner of recorded programmes and really wish I hadn't, as there was one about torture in a certain country and I wondered what it was and why it had been recorded. I was horrified and sickened by what I saw. Soldiers, torturing and killing people and really enjoying doing it. They were filming each other and doing it so casually as though it was a perfectly normal thing to be doing to another human being. I couldn't watch more than I did and feel sick to think this is going on in our world.

It isn't just humans doing it to other human beings though is it - we know it happens to poor defenceless animals too. I teach about spiritual matters in my books and on one of my other blogs, A Sceptical Medium, but have to say, even though I understand about new and old souls, I still feel this level of cruelty from mankind is one of the things in life I still find hardest to understand and will be happy to leave behind when I pass from this sad, sick world of ours.

What goes through their minds when they are doing it? Probably nothing as they all seem to be completely emotionless people. Why did they become like it? Is it their home life and upbringing that made them that way or is it something else entirely? What are their families like and are they the same or are they disgusted by what their children or brothers have become? So many questions and we'll most probably never have any of the answers. All I know is, their behaviour is what makes this world such a dreadful place to be in. God gave us so much and man is the one destroying it all and us with it.

There is no excuse for a human being to behave like that and even if they excuse it by saying it is their various governments' rulings or it is because they are in the forces and it has to be done, then I'm sorry, it still says something to me about them that they could still do it to another person or an animal. Having to kill in wars and battles is one thing, but to torture is something entirely different and it must take a special kind of person who is able to do that and know they are inflicting the most horrendous pain and suffering to a living creature - be it man or beast.

It is the same with abattoirs. Isn't it bad enough knowing dear animals are killed for food without knowing those who work in these places torture and abuse them as well? Maybe I am being unrealistic about life and maybe I'm becoming far too sensitive to what happens, but sadly, seeing that awful bit of film took away my festive spirit and brought me straight back to reality with a saddening thump. I pray and pray for all these tortured souls and animals on a daily basis anyway and for anyone else who suffers in whatever way for any reason, but do we need to be shown things in such graphic detail if we're not going to do anything to stop it from happening? What do you think?

Supermarkets force abattoirs to fit CCTV after secret film exposes abuse 

WARNING: This video contains graphic images that viewers may find disturbing

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