Monday, 7 November 2011

To Say I'm Angry Is Putting it Lightly

I am livid. Completely and utterly disgusted, fuming and also in tears with frustration and upset. You may recall that on 1st of August I was driving my into a road from a standstill position and was slammed into at high speed (theirs not mine) by a boy racer who wrote my car off. I was injured and taken to hospital in a neck brace, strapped to a hard board placed on a stretcher and in a lot of pain as well as total shock. He in the meantime, was pacing up and down the road on his 'phone. Before I even reached hospital in the ambulance, he had made a claim against me!!!!

The police and everyone else who saw the scene, positioning of cars and the damage caused, said he hadn't a leg to stand on and were disgusted with him and the devastation he caused through driving like an idiot. He was about two foot from a junction where he needed to stop as it joins a very busy main road. It was obvious to all that the speed he was doing when he hit me meant there is no way he would have been able to stop and would have ploughed into two lanes of heavy traffic causing God knows what result. The fact he hit me, meant others were saved.

However, because there are so many little boy racers driving like lunatics nowadays, unless there is serious injury or death as a result, the police won't press charges. The reason? Too much paperwork because it happens all day every day and no one does a damned thing to stop it. Why am I so angry today then? I'll tell you why. My insurance company have just rung and told me because HE put the claim in first, my insurance company have to make a decision about liability before a set deadline and so have decided to make it 50/50 because there were no witness statements and the police didn't press charges.

I am livid and shaking with frustration and upset. This little boy racer has not only written off my car, caused me injury, made me nervous of all drivers who zoom at me too fast now, but he has also achieved losing me 30+ years of no claims bonus, given me a slur against my driving now for the future where I have to state I was half to blame for a serious accident and to add insult to injury my insurance has now doubled.

I am so angry you wouldn't believe. How dare they allow this. Why are the police not pressing charges just because of paperwork and why are insurance companies refusing to acknowledge where fault really lies when evidence shows it was very much his fault? I am damned if I will pay any insurance company double the insurance because of something that I was the victim of rather than the perpetrator just because people are too lazy to do their jobs properly these days. I would rather sell my car first and bus everywhere now.

I am so angry I cannot write any more.


  1. Hi Lorraine,
    I feel for you - nothing stings more than injustice. Is there a consumer body you can contact, or an ombudsman for the insurance industry? A letter to the newspaper might also help as someone could put you in touch with the right person to contact.

  2. That is absolutely disgusting, can't you appeal?

    Just last night some t*** set fire to my son's car outside his house and burnt it to a shell. No witnesses no redress. Make you sick doesn't it?

  3. Sadly, injustice seems to be the way of the world now. I know I am only one person of many who have had similar happen to them, but it is high time something was done about it all.
    It is so wrong that people who have always been law abiding are now coming away with stains on their characters in one way or another because of these youngsters and the weird way things are done these days - all because people are too lazy now to do the paperwork in most cases.

  4. File a personal injury claim against this little p.... and I would not make his life easy. You never said his age, but if he is under mommy and daddy's roof file suit against them for their son's reckless driving. Even if they can't afford to pay you will have the last say.

  5. Can you make a claim through the small claims court?

  6. Yes, he was 17 when it happened. His 18th birthday was 4 or 5 days later. It was his mum's car and he admitted liability until he started making 'phone calls at the scene. Strangely, his story then changed and before I even got to hospital mummy had filed a claim against me!
    I'm wondering whether to sue privately, but it has already cost me over £1,000 and now I won't get any back. Bit off when the ones in the wrong make from it and the victim loses money isn't it? Strange, strange world we live in now.

  7. This is utterly appalling and very typical of the way our country is run. Insurance companies seriously make me sick; they are no better than banks in so far as they totally rip innocent people off. But until this useless government sit up and start doing something positive about the horrific state our country is in, I doubt justice will ever be done.

    It sounds to me like that boy is purely under mummy's spell and didn't have a clue what to do when he'd hit your car. Obviously a mummy's boy. But the other thing I thought as soon as I read about him bragging on FB, was that it makes me wonder whether this has happened before. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that he's crashed a car before and caused a mountain of damage and this is why mummy seemed to know exactly what to do this time.

    I would be tempted to go to the papers and I would also be tempted to go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau where they should be able to put you in touch with the relevant people in order to file a complaint against your insurance company. They may also suggest a way for you to make this little piece of shit realise that he can't get away with doing this again.

    Be calm and stay level headed. Don't let that pathetic little pillock put you in a state like this. He's really not worth it. And if you changed your insurance company or have decided to bus it in future, then they're not worth bothering about either. But I would definitely try the CAB first.

    Take care, CJ xx

  8. Just write the insurance company advising them you don't accept their knock-for-knock decision, since it was so obviously the other party's fault. As you were removed by ambulance a police report must have been filed - not sure if the insurers can apply for this or not.
    Problem is, with no witness statements you might struggle unless you're a longstanding customer. Knock-for-knock is a racket which makes life easier for the insurer rather than the customer, and as we all know customers are just a damned nuisance to most financially-based companies.
    The correct complaints procedure is firstly Insurer, then Underwriter, then Ombudsman, but unfortunately it's long winded.
    Best wishes.

  9. Lorraine just add court and lawyer fees to what your asking in damage.

  10. Bought all of your books and just finished "How to know...", found this website and see what has happened. (!!!)

    The above commentors are right. Bet there is an "incident history" under mum's record to find. You do need YOUR record w/the insurance co cleared at least, and be recompensated for your out-of-pocket.

    I don't live in the UK, but it is very much the same elsewhere. Everything is to the corporate advantage now; so you will have to 'expend' yet more to get what you should have already been given by right.

    That said, you have been knocked very much off-center, maybe on purpose (not speaking of les infant), but it has been used for the good (many others saved, who may need to be here on earth to affect future change for the better).

    Everywhere, strong people are being hard hit, left and right. There is much needless suffering here that is not shown on the media. Too many good people whose reach has been shortened. A pepperspray DRENCHED elderly lady said it well recently -- she just had to participate in the occupy protest because she sees the same thing happening here as how it started in Nazi Germany. That says it in a nutshell.

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