Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Saying You are Spiritual Doesn't Make You Spiritual

There are many types of spiritual groups, pathways and beliefs in the world, but one thing they should all have in common is kindness, warmth towards others, an ability to listen before judging, respect of other beliefs that may not be as your own and generosity.

We all know many people today who are calling themselves spiritual but who are as far removed from it as it's possible to be. They might be alright within their own little groups or cliques, but put them outside of that and with someone who has different opinions about spiritual matters than they do and you see the true side of them and what their heart is really like. Moreover, they tell lies, twist what is said and do whatever they can to be seen as accepted by the others just so they can fit in. Luckily not all are like that, but it is a sad fact many more are becoming like it.

Judgement of others is one thing and discernment of spirits is a totally different thing; sadly, it would appear many people involved in spiritual works lack either ability as they are too quick to jump on others. I have had many people come to me when this has happened to them in spiritual groups and this is now also happening to me by a few people who think themselves able to judge without knowing a thing about me or what I teach. They think they know, but don't really have a clue so make it up to fit with the badness they want to believe I'm doing. It would appear it is stemming from the fact I have dared for the first time ever to let people in my own area become aware of the work I am doing around the world.

I attended a local open circle a few years ago for a while and never let on how developed I was apart from doing some mini readings and one demonstration for them to help out when they were let down here and there. I never mentioned anything else about my work as I had no need to. Because I kept myself to myself for years and my work separate from my local and personal life until recently, they feel they can now say I am not a medium or they'd have known and so I am a scam merchant. How tragic is that?  More to the point, what does it say about their own mediumship abilities and their discernment if they can't see the truth about me and what I do?

I dared to try to open a drop in centre for people and had asked a woman to run an open circle for me as an extra for those wanting it (as I don't really like open circles due to mix of poor energies often seen at them). She has done them in the past, is the one I myself attended and I quite liked her and her manner of doing them, but it seems this request was seen as an aggressive thing to have done!!! They seem to begrudge the fact I am so developed and aware, an author and spiritual teacher. One of the people now doing a drop in centre for these same people screwed up one of my books in temper and said it was full of evil. This morning I was told he is telling everyone that my books are full of evil and to be avoided at all costs. Is this the behaviour of a balanced mind that is doing spiritual work? He never even read it as he said it was full of vileness!

I am now being called evil, dangerous and a trouble maker who is scamming people and who must be avoided at all costs. Some of this is said by people who offer one day workshop for average price of £25 per person and say to bring a packed lunch and yet my full days are donation only if you can afford it and where you are given a free meal and as much tea, coffee and biscuits as you like. Which of the two appears the scam merchant to you I wonder?

Strangely, not one of these people has asked me what it is I actually do, teach or offer or even bothered to ask if I charge for any of it and yet they are making it their main priority to spread these lies against me. If it wasn't so terribly sad, it would be classed as either laughable or vicious in the extreme. Unlike them I choose to be charitable and decide it's because they are speaking in ignorance of the facts and due to rumours heard that they choose to believe. Yes, they should check it out, but not all people are kind.

I have offered to speak with them to answer any questions they have, but am ignored. It would appear they prefer to think of me as evil and dangerous. Maybe this is what has added some excitement to their lives - who knows. How terribly sad this makes me; people who are meant to be doing God's work to help bring comfort to others and who should be encouraging and supporting others who work in a similar field are, in fact, acting as though everyone but themselves is evil and only they have an exclusive right to teach about mediumship, healing or anything else they talk about at their own groups.

I rise above it and refuse to allow their harsh words to touch me. Luckily, I work worldwide and not just locally so it doesn't affect what I do, but time and time again, this behaviour is seen by forced mediums and acts as proof to me, and others, that natural mediums are a different breed to those who believe themselves taught to be mediums. Their very behaviour speaks volumes. I have never seen this behaviour from a natural born medium in my life. Have you?


  1. You must grow a tougher skin. Like water off a duck's back, as Mom used to say.

    In the whole of things, it matters not what they say, it changes nothing. Your success speaks for itself.

    Your kind responses or lack of response to their vile accusations will be answer enough.

    Judge not, your work will be your proof.


  2. Thanks Gail. you're a wonderful support and so wise. Thank you. I do rise above them, but I do dislike injustice and always have. Don't be a stranger xxx

  3. Hi Lorraine I have just ordered your book A Guide to Mediumship and Healing.I hope to discover the best for me and my fellow man and woman in whatever journey I take.I like your candid style and enjoyed your intoxicated video. That certainly was the "spirits" Best wishes Denis in Dublin Ireland