Saturday, 26 November 2011

Government Tries to Make Britain Heathen State

Warning: This post contains the words CHRISTIAN AND CHRISTMAS in bold letters as I am shouting them out in defiance of those who are trying to stop them being said. If YOU find those two words offensive - tough!

Now let me get this right, I hear we can't use the word CHRISTMAS in or on anything in Britain (and America too I gather) in case we offend someone without CHRISTIAN beliefs. OK, so that means we don't have to respect theirs either and they aren't allowed to mention words connected to their religious beliefs that might offend us too - right? No you say, so it's only CHRISTIANS that are being treated in this way?

I see, so Britain is still a CHRISTIAN country in the main with the head of our country, the Queen, still a CHRISTIAN and the head of the Church of England last time we all looked, but she is now not allowed to have a CHRISTMAS tree at Balmoral unless she calls it a seasonal or winter tree or some such other rubbish, she can't send CHRISTMAS cards only seasons cards and she won't be allowed to give her usual CHRISTMAS message to her nation (yes, her nation) unless she re-names it and she most certainly won't be allowed to utter those most offensive words, HAPPY CHRISTMAS to any of her subjects because the Heathen BBC and the Heathen government and Heathen councils have decreed it is offensive to others - is that right?

So, we CHRISTIANS are respectful of other religions, allow people to come to our country and practice their religions unhindered and without restriction (even though they often don't have the same courtesy to us when we go to visit them), we allow them to build places of worship to celebrate their religion unfettered, our government is even considering allowing laws to be changed to now also allow Sharia law for people of other beliefs because they are demanding it as their right (in a CHRISTIAN country no less!) when it is not the law of Britain or part of our culture or belief system, we must not use the word CHRISTMAS in case we offend anyone else, but they can all offend CHRISTIANS as much as they care to and can dictate to us what we do in our CHRISTIAN country - is that right?

Here is a warning to all council members in my town - if you dare to try that here, I will personally go out and buy as many mini CHRISTMAS trees as I can afford, I will stand in the centre of town with CHRISTMAS carols playing as loudly as possible, I will have a Nativity Scene next to me and I will hand out trees to all and sundry wishing them a happy CHRISTMAS until you get the message that I for one will do as I damn well please with my religion in my country which is still CHRISTIAN whether you like it or not. I am a CHRISTIAN, I believe in God and I will not defy Him or deny him for anyone. Anyone else in Britain care to join me?

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