Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Life Without the Internet

In this day of making friends online, it is only when we don't hear from them or our internet crashes that we become aware we are often cut off from a lot of the people we know with no way of contacting them. I, like everyone else, now have friends all over the world and we are often in contact each week and I look forward to our chats and catching up on news. A lot of mine are also to do with my spiritual work and I answer their questions online through my blog, e-mails or on Skype. What happens when I can't do this though?

Recently, I moved house and the internet was very bad for weeks on end. I couldn't update any of my blogs, send in my articles for the online newspaper I write for, promote authors properly, answer questions or even open my e-mails most days. It was a most frustrating time and even now it isn't quite right. I am well behind with lots of my work. Authors on Show has been suffering for it as I had to choose which bits of work I did in the limited time I was able to get online.

The thing is though, I am worried about someone at the moment who is usually in regular contact. He lives in America and I know he wasn't well when last we spoke, but he isn't answering e-mails at present and I have no way of knowing if he's ok. Some people have my telephone number and I have some of theirs, but the majority have no way of keeping in touch once we are unable to be on the internet for any reason. It has made me realise just how fragile these contacts and friendships are. How lost we are when unable to keep in touch with those we have got to know from far off places.

I love my online friends and some of us have 'met' through Skype, but how frustrating that we can't do more than this isn't it? The world of computers with Facebook, Twitter, writing groups and the like have really broadened our horizons (if used selectively) and helped us get to know more about other people, their lives and their cultures. It has made the world a much smaller place and does so much to help understand different ways of life.

It just makes me wonder how we'd all cope if  it all ceased with no warning and none of us was ever able to go online again. Imagine how many friends we'd never hear from and have no way of contacting. Our work would suffer and promoting ourselves and our work would be nigh on impossible.What would we do and how would we revert back to the old ways of life and would just knowing the limited amount of people the way we used to now be enough for us? Just a thought, but I wondered if you too had thought about this and what would you do if this really did ever happen.


  1. I know it's going down, one of these days. That is why we should collect addresses and then rely on the mail system that has been here for a long time.

  2. 'tis true, we are very reliant on the internet. Gail is right we should collect addresses and then we could all go back to the 'old' system of actually writing to friends if the internet was no more.

    I'll email you with mine. LOL