Saturday, 29 October 2011

Is Title of My Book Wrong?

On a writing site, it was said by a few people that the name of my latest book put them off coming to look at it. They said it wasn't attention grabbing and put them off rather than attracting them. All of them thought I should change the title to attract more readers (it's aimed at people who believe they might be natural mediums) and I am wondering what you all think. The reason I chose the title I did is because those words are what I see on my statistics every day. Each blog I write has the same thing in the stats. and that's what decided me it was the right name for the book. Below is what I see all the time and is taken from just one of my blogs for a week of what people put in their search engines to find my sites. The figures alongside each one is the amount of times each one was entered.

how do you know you are a medium 1
how do you know if you are a medium person 1
how do i know if i am a medium? 1
how can you tell if you are a medium 2
how can you know when you are medium 2
how to know if you are a medium 3
how do you know you're a medium 3
how do you know if you are a medium 14
how to know if your a medium 19
how do you know if you are a medium 13
how to know if your a medium 11
how to know if you are a medium 9
how do you know if your a medium 5
how do you know you're a medium 5
how do i know if i am a medium 3
how do you know your a medium 2

Based on the above, do you think I should change the name or keep it as it is? Everyone who reads it says it is good and very helpful, they just thought it wouldn't be for them - until they actually did start reading it and then they found it of great interest. Discovering the things that happen to natural born mediums gave them an insight into what happens to us through our awakening of being 'a bit different' and what makes us eventually realise we might well be mediums.It goes without saying that the title helps those who actually do think they might be mediums.

I would be interested in what you think about the title, so if you have an opinion or any suggestions, please feel free to make them.

How To Know If You're a Medium  UK 
How To Know if You're a Medium   US


  1. I am posting this here for Ruth as she has problems doing it herself.

    Hi Lorraine,
    I tried to leave a comment about the title of your book and I don't think I was able to post it. Here it is anyway:
    Hi Lorraine,
    I think that the title of your book is fine just as it is. You are not looking to sell to those who want attention grabbing headlines. I know that you gave the name of your book a lot of thought and then chose the one that fitted the best. Surely the people that need to read this book will be drawn to it anyway? whatever the title? I always find that I am drawn to what I need and even if my head is unsure I give in to the pull. Hold firm to what you know

  2. I think you need a short snappy title (if you're going to change it, that is). Something like "Are you a Medium?" Then you can have a sub-title - how to find out.

  3. I think the title is your title and should be decided by you.

  4. I like the title you have now but if people are saying it's not grabbing their attention then maybe you should change it.

    I like Susan Roebuck's suggestion or maybe "Am I A Medium? - how to find out."