Monday, 3 October 2011

Internet Now Working

Just at the end of my road is this walk

My apologies for not updating sooner, but times have been hectic. We moved house in August - well, we moved out of our old one then and ended up in temporary accommodation for a while. We then moved into the new house only to find half the furniture wouldn't fit and we had to be without television, telephones or internet for a further week.

We had the telephone and the internet connected only to find none of the extra telephone sockets in the house were working (still aren't) and each time I logged on with my laptop, I couldn't open any pages or retrieve e-mails. It has been very hit and miss for all this time and although none of the 'phone sockets are working it looks like I am now up and running on the computer. Well, I hope I am, the last two days it seems to be working anyway - fingers crossed.

We are having one run of wardrobes fitted on Thursday and the others for the other bedrooms are being delivered sometime this week together with drawers and tall boys. At last we'll be able to find clothes and stop living out of boxes, which has made us walk around looking rather creased and dishevelled. New furniture has been bought, old furniture given away or sold and things are beginning to come together. It might not look quite like a home yet, but I can now see the makings of one at long last.

I haven't been sitting still though, I have started a spiritual centre and although it's only been going for two weeks, we had a good turn-out last week so I'm hoping for the same again today. Things are moving forward and I love where we're living now. It is a different town and more a village - well it is a village in fact - and the people are so much nicer and more genuine. The whole feel of the place is lovely as it is more in the country.

Today I have woken up feeling really, really tired and I think it's all the rushing around for the last couple of months catching up with me. As I have my spiritual centre day today, I need to wake up and get myself together so there's only one thing for it. Walk to the farm shop just along the road and have a hefty farmers breakfast to fuel my body. Gosh it's a hard life for some isn't it? See you soon.

Spoke too soon, still off and on and the morning after this it went down again - one day I hope they'll get it sorted.

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  1. So glad you are making your house a home. Sounds like a wonderful place to live.