Saturday, 22 October 2011

Ignorance Isn't Always Bliss

People are quite amazing aren't they. I have no problem at all with people having different beliefs than I have and try to respect them all whenever I can. It is a known fact I can't accept a lot of the spiritualist teachings as being right, but that doesn't mean I have no time for them, that I disrespect them or think they shouldn't be doing all they do, it just means, I believe some of their teachings to be wrong and would like to see them changed. They have every right to their belief's and teaching, but I always state it isn't right for all mediums. Before I move on to what I want to say, let me also tell you that many spiritualists have contacted me and said they agree with what I say about it all and they too would like to see the changes come about that I've mentioned.

Right, that said, let's get onto what I wanted to say here now. I had a comment on my latest book yesterday by someone on a writing site. I welcome comments good or bad from all people about my writing as this is what can help us to improve our style, editing, content whatever. What I don't accept, is someone who has no knowledge of mediumship commenting on my teachings and telling me I am elitist, arrogant and egotistical to the extreme for daring to teach. He says my book is rubbish and that I very obviously don't know what I'm talking about as he has seen people do demonstrations and in his eyes, the natural medium is the one in danger because he doesn't do weird rituals of protection. The person making the comments is not a medium, doesn't even know the difference between psychics and mediums is completely ignorant (as his comments showed) about most things to do with the spiritual gifts, but tells me he knows more about it all than I do. He even misquotes and twists things I say in order to try and make his points.

Whilst the man had every right to comment on my writing style, he had no right to talk about the content in the way he did when he has no knowledge on the subject. To tell me I am arrogant to help others is amazing. He says I am egotistical because I dare to use myself as an example of what can happen to mediums when developing. If it wasn't so sad, it might be laughable, if it wasn't so rude, it could be completely ignored, but his level of rudeness and name calling is rather annoying to put it mildly when his very comments show he has no knowledge on the subject apart from a tiny bit he's seen from others.

I have put myself in the public eye by doing my books and teachings and so have to expect the bad with the good, the nastiness with the pleasantness, but it still rankles. If someone disagreed with my teachings and knew what they were talking about - fine. We could have a sensible conversation and then probably agree to disagree with respect being held for each other and our different beliefs. I am also used to the hard bitten sceptics being nasty, rude, arrogant and downright threatening at times, but what I do not accept is self righteous idiots condemning me in the way this man did when he has no knowledge in the subject matter telling me I have no right to teach and that I am egotistical, arrogant and elitist.

What gives others the right to be so b****y rude? He has a book on the same site and it is not my cup of tea at all. If I were to read it though and pass comment, it would be as a reader and not as someone telling him he has no right to write on the subject he has and I most certainly wouldn't be calling him names or tell him he was 'stroking his ego' (as he said I was) for writing it. My book is to help natural mediums who are in a quandary about what is happening to them. I am a natural medium and I know other natural mediums worldwide. I have been approached by hundreds of people throughout the world for help in this subject matter and use their questions for the book. For him to say I have no right to answer these questions in a way that is true for natural born mediums because he knows better is arrogant in the extreme. I have every right to be able to pass my experience and knowledge onto others.

I am angry because this man is not one of the general public or a medium himself or even a spiritualist, he is just on a writing site where we are all meant to help each other. Instead of behaving as other writers do in supporting each other with constructive comments on their writing ability or style, he had to make things personal and be very rude indeed. In my work, I expect to come up against it as there are arrogant people all over the world and in every walk of life who think they have the right to be abusive to anyone they fancy. On a writing site where we are meant to be pleasant and supportive, I didn't expect that behaviour. It says more about him than it does me, but it still makes me very annoyed indeed.

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  1. There is absolutely no excuse for rudeness in my opinion. Granted you have put yourself out there for criticism - on your writing style not the content. What an ignoramus he is!