Monday, 10 October 2011

Christianity, Other Religion and Mediumship

How does being A Catholic, Christian in general or member of another religion and being a natural medium who writes about mediumship and healing all sit together? Not too brilliantly some might think and they'd be right. It took many years before I felt comfortable enough with my gifts (for want of a better word) due to the guilt I felt as a Catholic girl brought up in a strict Catholic home and who went to a convent - no convent girl jokes thanks!

We are all told these things come from the devil and anything we do that steps outside of strict teachings is meant to make us feel dreadful guilt. All good and well to keep people on the straight and narrow, but what about those gifts God does give to people that aren't quite the 'norm' so to speak - where do people like me stand in all of this? People like me who didn't want them, but found they had them and they wouldn't go away. What do we do then? Many of you might find me talking about the devil off putting, but sadly, he does exist and is hard at work in the world today, so we do have to be careful.

As I say, it took many years of searching in books, churches and spiritual groups - not to mention the soul searching I did - before I came to accept that maybe, just maybe, God does give some of us gifts of a different nature to use in order to help others. Maybe it all comes down to how we use these gifts. Do we use them to help ourselves or to help our fellow man?  Are we using them with humility or with the thought of fame in mind and a wanting to be different from others so we stand out from the crowd or even worse, in order to make loads of money from it by doing 'readings' that have ridiculously high charges?

I still wonder at times if what I do is right or offensive to him, put it down to a lifetime of Christian teachings, but  have made a decision to use the gifts and to try to help as many people as I am able with them. I try to use them sensibly and with humility and feel they are only to be used when He decides and not me. I teach about the right and wrong ways to work with them, who can and can't, why they shouldn't if they haven't been born with them in the first place and all manner of things.

It is said in the Bible there are many paths by which we come to God and as we are all different to each other, I feel that is why there are so many religions or faiths, spiritual groups and similar who all have different ways of teachings and different ideas. In my opinion, it is so we can reach as many people as possible from all walks of life and of different beliefs and unbeliefs to teach them about the right and wrong ways of living and behaving. Anyone who teaches the only way to live is by being kind to others, being compassionate and leading as good a life as possible must be doing good and God's work - don't you think?

It would be interesting to hear from any of you what you think about religion and the gifts of healing and mediumship given to some. Is it totally wrong in your eyes, or only wrong if used in the wrong ways? Do you believe God does give some us these gifts in order to help teach and give comfort to others? Let me know what you think.

Comments that are from zealots or that are nasty in any way will be immediately deleted. Only sensible and intelligent debate thank you.

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