Monday, 5 September 2011

One Star Review

I've made it! At last, I must now be recognised as a real author. The reason for this is because today I received my first one star review on Amazon Kindle. I am beyond thrilled. I am delighted and it has tickled me pink. Practically everyone I know has one, even lots of the top named authors have one and now I do too.

The reviewer said the book concerned was a load of drivel and he'd be surprised if I was even a medium. The book was the worst of the worst and he had managed to only read 30% of it. How funny. Apart from anything else, the first 30% of said book is an excerpt from one not published yet and is a ghost story and nothing to do with mediumship anyway - which the book states!

Little does he realise, but he has done me a huge favour. Not only has he awarded me my first one star review giving me huge Kudos, but once we receive those, it makes people want to read it to see why it is rated so badly. I will watch with interest to see if sales on that particular book increase. The only sad bit about it is, when you check all his other reviews, they're all one star too. It doesn't matter if it's for books or electrical equipment, he seems to favour one star above all else. Ah well at least he paid for it even if he didn't allow me the honour of being the only person he's given one star to.


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