Monday, 15 August 2011

Want to Know if You're a Natural Medium? Then This Book Is For You

There comes a time when we realise it is pointless waiting for others to do something for us and we should just get on with the job in hand. That is how I feel about my latest book, How To Know If You're a Medium. I am in between houses at the moment as we sold our old house and moved out last Thursday and we don't move into the new one until this coming Friday. I am staying at a cottage in the country a couple of hours away from where I live and am using that time to finish editing my book in order to self-publish.

As I told you, I send it away and have waited two months for a reply or even an acknowledgement from the publisher - to date I have heard nothing even when I asked them to let me know whether they had received it. The publishing world takes so long to get the books out there anyway, that I decided they've had their chance and now I'm waiting no longer. During this week, I will finish editing, get the formatting done, design a book cover and then self-publish. I envisage the book being on sale by mid September and it could even be earlier than that.

I know there is a market for it as I have hunted for many years for a book with questions and answers about how to tell if I was a natural born medium or not. I never found one and it took me a lot longer to develop because there was no one to help and so I kept pushing the gifts away. I am not a spiritualist and nor are many people who are natural mediums. Spiritualist teachings do not sit well with me or many other people who come to me for advice and yet there is nowhere to go for help except for spiritualist churches.

Hopefully, that will be changed as I help others to develop and teach them the ways the spirit world want to see this work done and this latest book is the start of helping people who don't want spiritualist teachings to understand what might be happening to them. What are right or wrong ways to develop or practice mediumship or healing and it also covers many other aspects especially about religion and mediumship which is one I struggled with for many years.

In time, I hope to start workshops all over the world for those who are not spiritualists. I am already helping some people to develop their gifts naturally and without silly rituals others teach are needed to communicate with the spirit world. Natural mediums have no need for all of that and the people I am helping develop, will then go on to help develop others and teach these simple and humble ways to others who are also natural mediums. Before long, maybe we will see the standards of mediumship raised by using only natural born mediums as they are the only ones who work with the highest spirits and energies.

Let's not run before we walk though, for now I need to get this book finished so it can be bought and start helping those who are at present ignored and neglected. Watch this space for details and news of when it can be purchased, but as I say, I hope it will be before mid September.

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  1. This book is a wonderful much needed tool. I wish you great luck with all the work ahead and again when it's day on the market.