Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Guest Article by Angela Thompson

Angela contacted me after reading one of my books and as a result, I have asked her to share her journey with us in article form on a regular basis. She will have her own page on my other blog, A Sceptical Medium starting from September. For now, I thought you'd like to see the first one here.

My Journey
Angela Thompson

I have just finished reading Lorraine’s first book, A Guide's Guide to Mediumship and Healing and I am astounded.  This work/teaching resonates somewhere deep inside me and at last I realise that there are actually other people out there who are struggling on their pathway as much as I have been.

For as long as I can remember I seem to have been searching; I have wanted answers and in order to achieve this I have been involved with various groups and individuals to try and develop myself.  However I have always ended up losing a lot of money or disagreeing with the practices/teaching observed – I have always felt that spirit seemed to intervene when I am on the wrong pathway to my development – but what is the right pathway?  Who could help me on my quest?

I have tried everything, and believe me I am not exaggerating when I say this.  I have studied Reiki to master level, but actually deep down always felt that I was a spiritual healer.  When healing I have always felt hands on my back as though someone is channelling through me but how could that be?  I am told it takes several years to train properly as a healer with the spiritualist church.  This brings me to my next disaster (or so I thought). 

I joined a healing group with a spiritualist organisation/group which met on a weekly basis.  As part of the proceedings all healers were expected to receive healing after the session and the routine was to have more than one practitioner give healing to the individual at the same time.  I am an extremely sensitive person and when I received healing this way it literally nearly blew my head off and I could not sleep that night.  When I refused healing the following week I was told that this was the only way healing was given and perhaps my issue was that I did not like receiving healing from men. 

I was astounded at this accusation, especially from people who were supposed to be spiritualists and so I walked out.  Interestingly, a few weeks later I received a letter from the group saying that spirit had informed them that the strength of healing had greatly increased and would I like to return.  I am sure you can guess what my response to this was!  Joking aside, this was yet another experience that delayed my development and actually made me question myself.  If I did not fit in with the people who one would expect to ‘fit in’ with as a developing medium/healer then maybe I was deluded – the doubts and uncertainty just continued and I felt so lonely.  Who could help me?

As Lorraine states, a natural born medium will have all sorts of things and experiences happen to them throughout their younger years that they won’t always understand and sometimes won’t even recognise as being different to others.’  At the age of two my mother informs me that I had an ‘imaginary friend’ whose name was Carlene.  A psychologist would say that this was the child’s invention because she was lonely, but I actually have a brother who is close in age to me, I am not an only child.  I am sure this was a spirit guide helping me and protecting me during my first few years on earth.  The name Carlene is so unusual, how could a two year old make that up?  My strongest gifts are feeling and knowing but I have also seen spirit, can see auras around people and I have received messages and pictures about things that have later been clarified as true.  As I have never sat in a development circle I continued to doubt myself. 

So the pattern would continue – I would try and settle back into my normal routine of work and looking after my family and try and hide the fact that I felt very ‘different’ to most other people.  Then something would happen to trigger the searching again and the uncomfortable feeling that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing here on the earth plane would start once more.

Just over a year ago I again felt the need to try and understand whether I did indeed have a ‘natural gift’ in mediumship and attended a ‘ghost hunt’ which was organised by a local medium.  I wanted to actually see if I could feel or experience anything and if I could perhaps I should think about a development circle once again.  As I have said, after all my setbacks I still had this inner yearning to learn more.  I did not enjoy the evening, but I did actually feel many things, although again I did not agree with or join in with many of the practices.  Table tipping was one of the main experiments carried out and I did place my hands on the small table.  When the medium asked for spirit to move the table I felt hands on my shoulders and I was pulled backwards bringing the table with me.  Several people had their hands on the table, but the table came in my direction after I felt hands on my shoulder. 

Another activity was the Ouija board, but my instincts told me immediately that I should not touch this and I didn’t although it was the major event at the end of the evening.  What was really strange was that my mother (who is also very sensitive) was woken up at the exact time that the major event was going on and she saw me as a small child in the corner of the room crying.  She automatically became worried about me and wondered what was going on!  That was enough evidence for me that lower energies were at work and that my instincts were right that I should not get involved with this sort of thing.  I would never get involved with anything like this again as I think it is just another example of individuals just trying to make money and it is not spiritual work that is trying to help anyone, it is for entertainment which is just wrong!

I have been married for twenty eight years and my husband is the most understanding person I know and is also quite psychic himself.  He has picked me up after each experience and has told me time and time again that I should forget outside help and try and ‘develop myself.’  Finally after this experience I decided that he was right, but the doubts were still there – if I am really a natural medium then why does this keep happening to me – I really must be the problem, it cannot be everyone else.

Last month it was my wedding anniversary and my husband bought me a kindle from Amazon as I am an avid reader.  As soon as I set it up I was online searching through the ‘Mind Body Spirit’ section as usual.  During my session I came across Lorraine’s book, A Guide's Guide to Mediumship and Healing and instinctively I knew I had to download it straight away.  I started to read the book that evening and as I previously said, it resonated so deeply with me.  I am not on my own, other people are experiencing the same things that I have experienced and they too have not known which way to turn. 

Without hesitation I knew I had to contact Lorraine because believe it or not after all the knocks, I still needed clarification that ‘yes’ I am a ‘natural.’ It was like a breath of fresh air talking to Lorraine and her work and her clarification have changed my life.  I am not in the closet anymore and at the age of 47 I realise that the time is right to start my ‘proper’ work with spirit.  Perhaps I have had to wait this long to start the work as it is true that my house has always been ‘busy’ but now my youngest is set to ‘fly the nest’ starting University in September and so now all will be quiet – the perfect time to ‘tune in.’ Perhaps I needed these experiences to enable me to help others?    

I now realise that I am not on my own, I never have been and I never will be because spirit are always with me and the reason I have not found a mentor is because I need to tune in and be taught directly through them.  What a revelation, what a new lease of life – if I tell you that I am in tears as I write these words I am sure you will not be surprised.  I cannot thank Lorraine enough!



  1. Hi Angie

    I note and understand your feelings and thoughts as to the pathway to follow. I too had experiences when young, such as seeing people coming out of the mirror, hoardes of them. Chinese they were, as I lived up north , more isolated and was very young, my elder brother who saw all this and my mother also, said " How did you know they were chinese ". I have had similar experiences with attending Spiritualist churches and venues, told this and that. I have also tried development circles, courses etc, but somehow there is and was something not quite right. I always believed that everyone saw life or felt things the same as me, but they think I am from another planet.
    I am a very careful person insofar as my thoughts and deeds. I really try to ensure that I do not think badly of people and do not kill anything. I think all thoughts once created are there and positive and whatever they are you have to then deal with it as a consequence, so I try to think of the best and not prejudge, as everyone is here to lead their life as best they can for their own pathway. Whatever they do, they will have to deal with the outcome sometime, be it here or elsewhere in the afterlife.
    I shall follow the blogs with great interest. I sit for personal development and get many things, thoughts and pictures which I am able to pass on and have accepted. It is fascinating to describe someone and have a name or feeling or thoughts to pass on to someone. It confirms that there is something going on, albeit we are not 100% sure what it is.


  2. What a beautiful post, thanks for sharing your personal journey. I envy your talent. Seeing auras is something that always fascinated me, wanted to know what color I was. I think,in a way, I can sense the essence of a person and maybe it is the aura, just I can't see it...did that make any sense?

    I get a "feeling" more from old places, by touch, than I do from people and seem to be more in tune with animals.

    I wish you much success and look forward to hearing your progress.

    Thanks again.