Monday, 4 July 2011

My Books Don't Get Returned

This is a very busy time for me with selling my house, buying a new one, finishing my latest book and next week I am off on holiday - what timing. The thing is, as you know I heard back from Random House who rejected  my book, but I haven't yet heard back from Hay House so there is still a slim chance they will take my book on without me being famous. If not, I will happily self publish and feel confident it will do as well as my others. Why do I feel confident? Because I have been reading things that have cheered me no end.

The things I have been reading about is how many books bought on Amazon, Amazon Kindle etc are returned. We have a dashboard that shows us each month how many books have sold and what royalties we are to receive. That same dashboard also has a heading called 'returns'. I had no idea what that was for until recently as mine always showed zero and I didn't understand what it was all about. As it always showed zero, I even used to wonder if it was necessary to have that heading there at all.

Apparently, it is books that have been returned and the purchasers given refunds. It is said some returns are because the person downloaded more than one copy of it by mistake so returned the duplicate copy, it wasn't what they thought it was when bought so returned it, or in some cases, it was just plain awful. I keep reading how many people get a lot of returns and that they accept is something that happens to all authors and goes with the territory. I am thrilled to say I have had the grand total of 1 returned in all the time I have been selling all three books.

Does that mean my books are good and people enjoy them? Are they well written and the odd editing errors ignored due to that fact, or is it because maybe I haven't sold as many as the others? I have no idea, but what I do know is, I hope the good luck lasts and the figure remains at one. In the meantime, if any of you haven't seen my books yet and would like to try one, you can click here to see a variety of ways they can be purchased and see if you agree with the others who read and liked them.


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