Monday, 13 June 2011

Someone Coming to see the House Today

I keep calling it a house and yet it's a bungalow. Still, that doesn't matter, the point is we have someone coming to view it today. Yes, it's for sale - still. The market has been dead for so long now that it came as a shock to get a telephone call saying someone wants to see it and it's come just when I could do without it. I am on about the last 1,000 words of my latest book which I had hoped to finish today ready to read through and  edit.  I also have a pedicure at mid day which cuts time down again - how luxurious is that, I adore pedicures?

This means I have to make sure the house is done from top to bottom. It looks ok, but you know how it is when someone's coming to view don't you? Oh dear. The thing is, apparently she saw the house last year and loved it. Just after they viewed it their house sale fell through and so no more was done. They now have another buyer, a survey has already been done on theirs, things are moving forward well, they have viewed all the other properties they wanted to see and ours is now the last one.

They left it till last because they had already seen it and apparently - so the agent says - she has never been able to get ours out of her mind and can't wait to come back today to see it again. So, here we go again. Last time this happened was in March and we had a buyer who pulled out after 7 weeks thereby losing us two others who had wanted it.

What do I do if she makes an offer after today? I have to finish my book and we're off on holiday in 4 weeks so when do I have time to look for a house? Yikes. I want it to sell, but at the same time, I adore my home and the ducks who come to spend every summer so I have mixed feeling about today and what to hope for with the outcome. As they say que sera sera


  1. Things always happen at the wrong time don't they? I guess if she makes an offer you can hardly refuse, unless it's way below what you're asking of course. Hope the viewing goes well.

  2. Arrgghh, not what you you wanted right now, but if she makes an offer and it's worth considering, you may have no choice but to accept and ask for a completion date after your hols.

    CJ xx