Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I'm After a Bold, Brave Publishing House

Random House very kindly let me submit direct to them, but after only 10 days I have just received a rejection. The wording tells me it is because I am not well known enough - again! The clue is in the last sentence, 'Please do get in touch if you have more TV and newspaper coverage.'

I have written a new book called, How To Know If you're a Medium and it answers every question any budding natural born medium could wish to know. There is no other book like it on the market as far as I'm aware, as I've hunted for one for years. It fills a huge gap in the market, is there ready and waiting to be bought, has an eager audience willing to buy it and all it needs is a publisher to take it on. I've done my part, now it's their turn. I am also a far more pro active author than any of their celebrities are and I don't expect a five million pound advance for a book that will sell once seen.

When it comes to mediumship and healing, I wouldn't dream of buying a book by most of the well-known people seen on our television screens as their books are all just about their entertainment type shows and nothing to do with mediumship for those who need to be helped. There isn't a person I have met wishing to learn about these things who has ever bought a book by a so-called celebrity either. What I need, is an editor and a publishing house brave and forward thinking enough to realise that fact and take a chance on a relatively unknown author who actually offers what the majority of people in the world interested in this subject wants.

I am going to do something rather drastic and maybe foolhardy, but drastic times need drastic measures and I have never been one to let a simple 'no' stop me from achieving what I set out to do. I am going to make some telephone calls and I am not going to do the polite, usual author thing of asking if I can send a proposal to them, I am going to tell it straight, be direct and tell it how it is. Then I will ask them if I can send a proposal to them. I intend turning this around if at all possible and it isn't ever going to happen by playing by the rules. Wish me luck.

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