Monday, 6 June 2011

I Was a Hippy For One Night Only

Over the weekend, we went to a surprise birthday party. The person concerned will be 70 tomorrow and is to be celebrating in London. Her family decided to surprise her with a 70's birthday party in her home town first though and we were all told to pick anything from that decade to dress up in. I decided to go as a hippy from the early 70's - a throwback you might say from the famous Woodstock Festival of 1969. I had always wanted to be a hippy and was too young at the time, so grabbed my chance even if it was for one night only.

I had an absolute ball and thoroughly enjoyed walking around saying peace to everyone. My husband was too shy to have a photograph taken all dressed up and I would have loved to have seen him as a hippy, but it was so hot he didn't want to wear an Ozzy Osborne wig so he went in an off white suit with sleeves and all the trimmings as John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever.

The lady of the moment was dressed up too as she was under the impression she and her friend were going to an Abba Revival evening at the theatre.  The plan was to get her to pop into where we were all silently waiting allegedly for a pre theatre drink. We could hear her as she walked up the stairs moaning about having to come there and asked why it was necessary. As she climbed the stairs and saw us all she was shocked to the core as the DJ (her son) played Happy Birthday and we all joined in singing to her as Champagne corks popped. She might have had a great night, but being a hippy made my night too I can tell you.


  1. And what a wonderful hippie you make.

    Yes, I do talk with the animals, sometimes without words. Seem to do better with them than many people. I wish I knew how to advance that talent...talking with animals, that is.

  2. You look great Lorraine - love the glasses!