Sunday, 15 May 2011

Why Are People So Fat?

People are cruel - very cruel at times about people who are overweight. This angers and saddens me, because not all are overweight due to overeating and laziness. There is often a reason underlying that we don't always know about and I shall give two examples here - one is about me. At the moment, I am grossly overweight. There are those that say I'm not 'grossly' overweight, but to me I am. There is a reason for it though. Partly, it's because I eat too much and sometimes the wrong things, but that came about after my operations and infections. The other reason is, there is still something going on inside my body which hasn't been sorted yet due to lack of aftercare. I am sick of the sight of doctors after three years of constant illness and hospital and am loathe to go to see one again now due to this. 

After each operation, I got severe post op. infections. Part of what happened to me during them was the craving for sugar. I was very ill indeed and lots of different organs were being affected as the infection raged thought my body. 
I was unable to face meat or any other protein at all. I just couldn't eat it. Not a sugar lover normally, I was now unable to drink tea unless it had two heaped spoons of sugar in it. The very thought of that now makes me ill and yet at the time, I was unable to drink it without. Everything I ate had to be full of sugar. I have no idea why, but it is something that happened. No one ever explained to me why it was, but there again, with today's lack of after care in most hospitals I'm not surprised. My hysterectomy was 18months ago and even after such a severe infection which saw me rushed back into hospital, I still haven't had an appointment for a check-up!

Unable to move after the operation was another factor that didn't help. The weight piled on and on and on and never stopped. I have the remnants of that now sadly and  although I now don't eat sugar as I was, I have found I do crave sweets every so often and a friend told me that is probably due to Candida through the body that needs to be treated as it feeds off sugar. She says once that is treated, the weight should improve as it also slows the metabolism down greatly too. Don't get me wrong, I make it sound like I'm gorging myself on sweets and overeating all the time - I'm not. I'm talking of a bag of sweets in a desk drawer in my office that has been there for about two weeks and which I dip into every now and then.
The other reason some people have excess weight is due to underlying serious health problems of another sort. There is a girl I know who used to be very slim, but who is now very overweight and who has ballooned out horrendously. She huffs and puffs when she tries to walk and it is dreadful for her. The reason she is like this? She has cancer and is on a huge mix of drugs, one of which is steroids.

She is often pointed at, sneered at and ridiculed when out due to her size and the way she looks. If she is seen to eat when out, the comments overheard in loud stage whispers and intended to be heard are often vicious and cruel. She was told she had six months to live and was given medication to help prolong her life as much as possible. This is now 7 years later and I'm glad to say she is still with us.

I am a nice person, she is a nice person and the fact we are both overweight doesn't mean we are lazy, not nice people or lacking in any feelings or emotions. We hurt when we are called names or sneered at just like anyone else. Her weight is entirely due to health problems and medication, mine is due to health problems, some medication that means I retain a lot of fluid and partly due to the fact I like my food. The food is not a huge factor though as I eat very healthily and my husband, who eats far more than I do and lots of rubbish never puts on any weight at all. 

Before my operations and the troubles, I ate exactly the same as I do now and yet the weight won't shift. I was told when I did see my GP not to worry about it and he explained the reasons for the huge weight increase and assured me it will suddenly start to come off. I do hope so. For now though, if you see a person who is fat, no matter why you think that is, stop and think. Is it really because they are so lazy and greedy, or is it because they have an underlying problem?


  1. People are cruel...that's a fact. Mostly out of ignorance.

    I, too, am not on the lean side anymore due to pain and lessening exercise, so I understand.

    Hang in there, things will level out.

  2. Thank you for pointing out once again how important it is to be non-judgmental about another human being. Whatever the critical little voice in our heads is whispering to us, we need to acknowledge we don't know all reasons.

  3. Your blog is a great reminder to all that as humans we are - and should be - more than the sum of our bits and pieces here..

  4. Very well said Lorraine,I totally agree. I believe the name callers are afraid, of what, I don't really know maybe of becoming fat also. Some I believe want attention. I worked with a woman who was not perfect by any means yet she she made fun of a woman jogger who she saw daily while walking her dog. The woman she made fun of had I believe something wrong with her leg and ran funny. She would run around the office making fun of this lady. Why? Because there were those in the office that would laugh to tears at the way she portrayed this woman. I never laughed, I thought "how insensitive", I commended the woman going out there and running as though no one was watching. I wasn't popular in that office, maybe because I didn't laugh at this coworker running around. She made cruel remarks of other people also that were "different" just because those in the office would laugh at her doing the impression. Yes they laughed at me, I was older, I moved slower, and sometimes forgot things. I wasn't "perfect".