Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Vintage Veuve Clicquot Here I Come

I am doing this post today as I will be very busy tomorrow getting ready to go away and won't be chatting to you until my return. Even though I'm only away for about four days, I thought I'd leave you with a post telling you where I'm going and what I'll be doing. My husband is off to Madrid to see his grandchildren and I am going to Exmoor. It might not seem as though I'm getting the better deal, but actually I feel I am. I have time ahead of me where I can do as I please when I please and how I please. Bliss.

Although not a great drinker, I do enjoy the odd tipple of white wine or preferably Champagne. My favourite is Veuve Clicquot and so when I was out shopping a couple of weeks ago and saw their VC Vintage was on special offer I couldn't not buy it for my little holiday could I?

I am staying at a lovely Country House set in three acres of grounds and in the country on the fringes of the moor. It will be peaceful and quiet - just what I need right now - and the first thing I shall do, is put the Champagne in the fridge in my room as soon as I arrive. I am there for three nights, so two glasses a night will do me well thank you very much!

I am meeting an author/journalist friend, Jane Alexander for the first time. We got to know each other through Twitter and various writing sites but have yet to meet in person. There is also a distinct possibility I could be meeting another author we both know called, Jake Barton. There is talk they will drive down to meet up with me so we can all have lunch together.

There are also land rover 'safari's' as they call them over the moor to see red deer. I have seen them before, but this time we go through rivers and over land not accessible by normal vehicles so it should be good fun.
My husband will be with 4 grandchildren and his son, which he'll enjoy and he's very much looking forward to, but his time will be rushed and dictated by what they all are limited to in such a short space of time and with 4 young children in tow. I, on the other hand am free to do as I please - or not please if it takes my fancy. So yes, I think I have the better deal. Cheers!


  1. Can't wait to meet you, Lorraine! And Jakes is on board for Saturday lunch too. :) The safari should be a hoot - though I've never done one myself. Janexxx

  2. Sounds like you ARE getting the better deal Lorraine! I hope you have a great time - enjoy the champagne! :)