Monday, 16 May 2011

My Neighbours Keep Changing my Garden

Some people are so ill mannered it defies belief. About eighteen months ago my husband and I returned home after a few days away to find one of our neighbours had been into our garden, removed a fence and a hedge and cut back our trees. To do this, they had to climb over the wall separating our properties leaving them in no doubt they were trespassing and just who it all  belonged to. After taking the fence down and the hedge, it meant they were now eight feet into our garden where they decided to cut back our trees as well.

The trees we are talking about are the ones on the right of the above photograph and is only a small part of our garden. The hedge, full of birds nests, was behind them and the fence behind that. It meant my dog was safe and secure in her garden, but after their antics, she was now vulnerable as their garden was open to the busy main road and she was able to get in there over the wall which was only about 6 inches high our side but three feet their side.

You can see we have a very long drive and behind the trees there are about four large houses abutting our land. The ladies who have done this live in one that is divided into two flats. I was livid. We had words, they were told they were guilty of trespass, criminal damage (the hedge) and theft (the fence that disappeared) and unless they replaced the fence within 24 hours we would report them. They replaced it after much fuss and tried to claim they had no idea it was all our property!

How can they pretend to believe they didn't realise it was our property? Their workmen had to climb over the wall into what was very obviously someone's private garden in order to do it all. Now, that should have been end of story, but...

... the above picture is similar to what I came home and saw at the end of last week. Not all down the drive thank God or there would be hell to pay, but yes, the same women had got their workmen to come in my garden again, take down a wire fence that was covered in ivy  and giving us all privacy in order to replace it with the ugly thing in the picture.

My garden is like a park. It is huge and a wildlife haven. The trees disturb no one and do not affect light or sunshine in any of the gardens dividing us all so what on earth are they doing coming into my garden - again - and removing my property and replacing it with this ugly thing? We don't mind a fence behind our trees for security for the dog and have one surrounding the whole property, but not instead of trees. It looks horrendous and they have just destroyed the look of my garden entirely.

I am not a snob by any means and all who know me know I'm not but, there are properties that suit fencing and there are ones that don't - ours doesn't. It is for sale at present and they have just destroyed part of what was a huge selling point and have just knocked some value off the price by doing what they have.

I am having my husband write a letter today - he's a solicitor. They knew last year they were lucky not to be reported and now they've done it again. It just shows that some people don't care and think they can get away with whatever they like. Well this time, they've overstepped the mark.


  1. It's a disgrace that they thought they could get away with it in the first place! Don't they know what boundaries are? Surely they won't have a leg to stand on with this and they'll have no choice but to either remove the fence or adhere to the request you make. Trespassing is an offense. They could very well be prosecuted - do they actually realise that?

    CJ xx

  2. GOOD GRIEF this is unbelievable!! I hope you're going to sue? :0