Monday, 9 May 2011

Kate Middleton Copied My Wedding!!

I know it might look like it lately, but don't worry, this isn't turning into a blog about the royal family but...

My mother telephoned me last night and said, "I've just been looking at photo's of the royal wedding and something has niggled at me since I first saw Kate Middleton's dress and couldn't work out what it was till now. Her dress is similar to yours, and the headdress, the shorter of your two veil's (I had a full Cathedral length one too) and even the engagement ring."

The train is doubled over here as you can see
"I know," said I "I recognised it immediately. The neckline was the same only mine wasn't so low cut and was satin not lace." Her train was the same length as mine too. Her hair was half up half down, so was mine. Both dresses were satin only hers had lace on top and mine didn't. It is said her dress had delicate lace appliqué flowers- so did mine but I had them only on the trim and on the cuff of the sleeve. Sadly, I don't have one photograph that does my dress justice as we had a photographer suggested to us as brilliant and he was rubbish. Not one decent picture exists of my train at it fullest length or width and yet it was just as long and wide as Kate's.

Even the bouquet, although not the same flowers, was a smaller one rather than the large grand sweeping ones they usually go for and again, hers was similar to the shape of mine. So what I want to know is, who got hold of my wedding album and copied everything I had?

my ring - not hers
As for the ring, well it was Diana's before Kate and as you might already know, I was lucky enough to meet Diana a couple of times. On the first occasion she said, "Oh, you've got a ring like mine, let's compare." yes let's, thought I wryly. She put her hand next to mine and I have to say, although my Sapphire was smaller, it wasn't that much smaller and looked just as good thanks to the quality of the Celanese Sapphire. So, all in all, someone copied someone else's wedding and as I got married 29 years ago...

Now Kate, maybe we should get together over a glass of Champagne, compare photo albums and discuss this, what do you say?

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  1. I think you looked beautiful, Lorraine. A princess for the day, and now a queen.

    CJ xx