Sunday, 8 May 2011

Drugs, Drink, Speed and Mobile 'Phones

Yesterday saw us driving along in the pleasant morning sunshine and all appeared well with the world until I saw someone driving along the road with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a mobile 'phone to their ear. They were coping quite well until it came to a bend and seeing them struggle to take the bend too fast and the car almost going up on two wheels made me realise just how people do not think about what they are doing. They had to throw the 'phone down to regain control of the car. Glancing around, I saw the driver of that car wasn't alone and in just the cars I could see clearly, there were three people talking on their 'phones - not hands free - whilst driving.

Then we have those who drink and drive and think they can cope just fine with getting behind the wheel of a car after a few drinks. Amazingly, there are a high number of people who when challenged state that alcohol makes them drive better; unbelievable but true. I have been to many places over the years where I see people drinking and state they're only having a couple as they're driving. Sadly, it doesn't stop at a couple - it never does. I also gather there is a huge problem with drivers who take illegal drugs and get behind the wheel of a car as well. What is it with these people?

If I challenge those who drink and drive or those who use 'phones whilst driving, I am told to mind my own business or to stop being a spoil sport. Well, I hate to tell you, but it actually is my business. You see, some of you who do this are taking passengers in your cars and are putting their lives at risk by doing so. Then there are pedestrians walking innocently along the road who often end up under the wheels of a car or thrown over the roof because of idiots who don't realise they have a lethal weapon in their hands and are arrogant enough to think we are the idiots and not them.

Then there are the speedsters. The ones who act as though they are so important that all they do has to be done at high speed. The arrogance of drivers today is amazing. They cut you up wherever they can, they zoom up at high speed sitting inches from the car in front of them, overtake without indicating and refuse to accept they are driving dangerously. There is one line that never ceases to amaze me when you tell them they are too fast or too close to the car in front. "Oh, it's ok I'm a good driver. I drive all over the country every day so am very experienced." Why does driving all over the country make you think you're a good driver? It just means you drive a lot - badly!

Cars kill. They kill everyday of the week and in the majority of cases it is because of bad driving or bad drivers who couldn't give a damn about you or me. The important thing is they are allowed to do as they please and we mustn't spoil their fun. If they get done for any of the above things they often even have the audacity to moan to people that the police had nothing better to do that day and would have been better off catching real criminals somewhere. I have news for you. If you do any of the things above, you are a real criminal and deserve to banged up with others who have broken the law. You see, burglars, although scum of the earth don't usually kill people. Drunks behind the wheel of a car do. So do those who use 'phones, take drugs or drive at high speed. You are all nothing short of murderers and just because you haven't maimed or killed anyone yet, doesn't mean you aren't a murderer, it just means it's still waiting to happen.

If you get behind the wheel of a car having done any of the above, it is not manslaughter if you kill someone, it is murder. You intentionally got in that car. You intended drinking, taking drugs, speeding or having that call. I know a lady, a lovely lady who I had known since a was a little girl. She was the one we stayed with when my grandfather was in his last days and my mother was with him at hospital. She went through all sorts of family things with us and was like a third grandmother to us all. In her eighties, she was still fit, healthy and fun until she went shopping one day and a young chap showing off to his girlfriend and driving at ludicrous speeds through town mounted the pavement and killed her.

She didn't die straight away either. She was trapped underneath, conscious throughout and in agony. It took her quite some time to die, days in fact and all of that time was horrendous for her and her family. I myself have been the victim of a drunk who got behind the wheel of her car and drove; she mounted the pavement and hit me from behind. I was knocked to the ground and my leg was injured but like a fool I was embarrassed and never reported it. Me embarrassed - what was I thinking of letting her get away with it?  I was embarrassed because I was lying on the ground bleeding and very shaken. It brought people swarming all around me fussing and I hated the attention so got up off the ground and went to my car where I sat in private till I stopped shaking.

Another time my husband and I went for a meal one evening and decided to walk the mile into town rather than take the car so we could have a drink. On the way home a drunk mounted the pavement and hit my husband. Luckily, the drunk was swerving everywhere and so it was the side of the car that caught him and although hurt, it wasn't serious. There were skid marks all over the road and pavement and the wing mirror that had hit my husband hard was lying smashed on the ground. We did report that one but sadly they never caught whoever it was.

I could tell you of more people I know who have been affected but I won't and I'm sure you all have your own stories. Please, if you are one of the above people, and sadly some of you reading this will be, think about what I've said. Is that call really worth killing someone for? Is that last drink worth the fact you might take someone's life when you leave the party? And are you really in such a hurry that it doesn't matter how many you could end up killing just so you might get there maybe a few minutes sooner? It is better to get there  late than not get there at all and it is certainly better that you can sleep sound in your bed each night rather than knowing you having got to live with someone's death on your conscience for the rest of your life.

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  1. These people are most definitely criminals. You know my thoughts on drinking and driving; being unable to drive because of a medical condition has left me with virtually no confidence, low esteem and spending many days being paranoid at how others see me - weak, pathetic and useless. I am an independent woman and hate it. Meanwhile, idiots have too much to drink, get in their car and get away with it. It angers me beyond belief.

    CJ xx