Saturday, 30 April 2011

Will Camilla Ever be Queen?

The Royal Wedding in the UK has been centre of attention for some time now and after watching it I made a remark on Facebook that upset two people - many more agreed with me and it would be interesting to see what you think. I made a remark about how seeing Camilla taking centre stage the way she did  at the wedding didn't sit well with me. I was told I was being judgemental and that as a spiritual person I should know better. The two people concerned were American's and were very annoyed with me. It is strange it was American's because most agree with my sentiments from what we read and hear.
For a start I wasn't being judgemental and secondly, as it is our royal family and the situation with Charles and Camilla could decide what happens to our Royal Family I have every right to pass comment. To be judgemental, one has to make comments about people  and decide what you think of them and a situation without knowing facts or without having met them. We know the facts. Camilla turned down a marriage proposal from Charles as she didn't want to be involved with the family. She carried on an affair with him even though she herself married someone else. We are told (and not denied) she then hand-picked Diana as a suitable bride thinking she would be easy to manipulate afterwards.
We have heard Camilla bedded Charles the night before his wedding and I know from someone who worked on the Royal Yacht that he had calls booked to her several times a day everyday he was on board the yacht whilst on his honeymoon. I was lucky enough to meet Diana a couple of times and on one of those occasions she said to me, 'One thing I learned on day two of my marriage was to never try and stop a man doing what he wants to do.' My husband was there at the time and made a funny quip to ease the situation as she looked very sad when she said it. We wondered what she meant at the time and most especially because of the way she said it and looked so sad, but now, after all we've heard...
Camilla and Charles shouldn't have married - not when he is meant to be our future king. He knows what the majority think about that woman and the situation. The fact they are married now, doesn't mean we have to accept her or their behaviour. It might be in the past, but yesterday was the wedding of Diana's son; as such, Camilla should have taken more of a back seat and not been so dominant and pushy in it all. If she had sat back quietly, comment wouldn't have been made. She should not have gone in the vestry at the signing of the register and she shouldn't have gone on the balcony. By doing those things, she rubbed our faces in it. A woman with any sort of decency or who was truly sorry for all the upset she caused would have taken a back seat and been far more discrete, but what Camilla wants, Camilla gets.
She is not an ordinary step-mother who came on the scene well after Diana had died; she was the one who caused an innocent young girl to become very ill, to go off the rails herself eventually due to what they carried on doing - in her own home no less - and who destroyed her life. William and Harry have had to  accept it as it's their duty, we don't. My feelings have nothing to do with being spiritual or un-spiritual and if we are going down that path, then I think the fact I have high morals is actually more spiritual than someone who believes it ok to behave in such a dreadful way knowingly and set out to destroy someone's marriage and eventually their life.
Charles and Camilla like to make out they only picked up on their affair after the marriage was seen to be broken down. That is not correct and we all know it. The marriage broke down because they were sleeping together before the wedding and from almost the day he got back from honeymoon. We have all heard from household staff loyal to Diana that Charles would ring his mistress, tell her if Diana was on her way out and she'd lie in wait till the car drove off. Allegedly, as Diana walked out the front door and drove out the front way, Camilla would be driving in the back way and would then walk in the back door within minutes of Diana's departure. The member of staff who wrote about this (and far more) in a book said it split the household staff down the middle and made life very difficult for them.
So you see, as a British subject and as someone who has met both Charles and Diana, I am entitled to my opinion and it is based on fact, it is not judgemental and nor is it being unspiritual, it is a straightforward case of disliking two people for what they did to another person who was an innocent young girl, in love and believing her new fiancĂ© to be in love with her in return. It is in defence of a girl whose life was turned upside down by a man and woman who were despicable enough to betray her and use her to suit their own ends.
Think about all the commentary yesterday. How many times did we hear news reporters from all countries saying that this wedding was a true love match? They said it so often. Isn't every wedding meant to be? It was obvious what they were all hinting at. I am not alone in thinking this way and if that woman ever becomes queen of our country, I feel it will be the day the monarchy dies; it will be to me anyway. I will never accept her. I strongly believe if Charles is crowned King and tries to make her queen, that he will find the public outcry would be so enormous he would have to stand down and hand over to William or give in to what everyone says. It will be interesting to see what does happen.

Oh and by the way. For those in doubt, did you notice how the queen stood back when Camilla went to kiss her hello at the Abbey forcing her to curtsy instead and how quickly she moved from her? It was very publicly done and certain papers are talking about how obvious it was that the queen most definitely has not accepted her either.

I would LOVE your comments on this one. See what the majority feel about it. Had so many viewers already and only one brave enough to leave a comment. Anyone else? Please be polite though either way. Thank you


  1. For me personally, hell would freeze over when camilla becomes queen, plus she doesnt have anything like the popularity with the people and i think she has to be of noble birth not just married to a noble (like charles).

  2. I'd rather see Charles abdicate in favour of William than Camilla on the throne.

    William is a much better prospect - he's young enough to understand the world going on and shares a great deal in common with a lot of us. Kate may not be "a noble", but she and William seem very much in love and she looks the part.

    I feel it is significant that Her Majesty loaned Kate the Tiara for her wedding.

  3. Very interesting post, Lorraine. For me, one of the huge issues is Charles's total lack of backbone and moral fibre. Why did he not stand up long ago, and say, 'Why do I have to be the only man in England that has to marry a virgin?' But not, he went along with it. He dumped Davina Sheffield when her ex-boyfriend made it public that they had had a 'relationship'. THe marriage with Diana was aranged and he was a fool to accept it. He was insensitive and pathetic. What man rings his mistress on his honeymoon and says, 'Whatever happens I will always love you.' He didn't even make sure that his young bride was out of earshot. No wonder she went crazy. She was restrained in that she did not go public long before she did.

    And yet, the Spencer family were at fault too. I've heard that Diana wanted to break off the engagement when she realised Charles and Camillia were lovers. Their respose? 'You can't, your face is on the tea-towels now.'

    I think you are right. Charles should not be King and Camillia should not be queen. They had the chance to marry long before Diana came on the scene. Camillia said no and married Andrew PB instead.

    But, who would wish Kingship on poor William? It's a tough job.

    I'm sure this discussion will run and run.

  4. I agree with everything you have said Lorraine. I won't beat about the bush, my feelings on the matter can be summed up in four words...

    Camilla is a whore!

  5. Akelamalu,

    Andrew Parker Bowles was know as, 'The many who laid down his wife for his country.'

    I'd say she was also a nasty, spiteful woman.

  6. I find it interesting that no one has yet come out in favour of her either on here or in private e-mails sent to me about this post.
    Doesn't bode well for her becoming queen does it?

  7. While I disagree with you regarding Charles marrying Camilla (I think everybody deserves to be happy, even if they've made terrible mistakes in the past) I do agree that, being as it was Diana's son's wedding, Camilla would have been better off staying in the background.

    I don't have a problem with her becoming Queen, though. I guess (hope) she grew up and learned from her mistakes.

  8. Interesting how Camilla is always blamed.It takes two after all. Times were different then - the Royals followed protocol and many a Prince of Wales ( and many Kings )have had mistresses in our history.
    Charles met Diana a total of 13 times before they married - the majority of which they were 'chaperoned'. Yes, she was the virginal brood mare selected to ensure the Royal line continued and yes, she was very young and naive. So the families on both sides must also must take some responsibility.
    The tragedy is that Charles wasn't allowed to marry the person he loved ( just like Princess Margaret) If he had been this situation would never have arisen - instead he was forced into an arranged marriage. And lets not forget Diana had many lovers also so she wasn't exactly sitting home alone being whiter than white.
    Pointing the finger solely at Camilla is taking a very limited view of the whole situation and the times as they were then. Good luck to Charles - let's wish him some happiness for finally being allowed to marry the woman he should have married in the first place.

  9. Actually, it doesn't always take two. That is something said by people who have never been on the receiving end of an injustice. It very often is only one person at fault in most things that are wrong.
    The second thing you're wrong in is, no one stopped Charles from marrying the woman apart from her. If you remember, he asked her to marry him and she said no as she didn't want to be part of the royal family and all its trappings. That being the case, she should have left him alone when he did marry. Not pick out an innocent girl who DID marry for love.
    Diana only had affais many years after suffering at the hands of those two and you know what? Good for her!
    I and many others will never accept that woman as queen. As a couple they are well suited, as for deserving happiness? That is another matter entirely.