Friday, 22 April 2011

Stop Making Our Children into Wimps.

Yesterday I saw a blog post where someone was asking advice about a 'child' being bullied at school. The so-called child in question was 17 - a young man in fact and no child. The bulling was because he is from a privileged background and is tall and good looking. The problem with the post? Everyone was saying to send the 'poor child' to counselling. Why for God's sake? For a start, he isn't a 'poor child' he is a young man and some of his age are off fighting wars. Tell him to face up to them and ignore their jealousy.

The same person whose blog this is also has a post about fairy stories. She says how she was reading one to her child and it was Rumplestiltskin. The mother was shocked at the story because it says, spin me blah blah blah or I'll kill you. The child being read the story thought nothing of it. At the end, the mother asked her what she thought. The child had loved it but said she'd poke the man in the eye - lovely, but then this modern day mum with her weird European type mentality so often seen today asked her daughter what she thought of the death threats in the story and had they upset her. Why did she ask that? Why put the idea into her head? What is the mentality like of today's young parents?

Today's world is becoming so sad now. No one faces up to anything in life anymore or has any backbone. We all cry if someone says 'boo' and want to sue them or need counselling for it. Schools teach that it isn't right to lose in sport and so some have stopped competitive sport altogether teaching tomorrow's adults that they must always be pandered to and not have to face up to the realities of life. God knows what our country is going to be like when this new breed of 'mummy's boys' grow up. Who is going to be able to lead our country, who will fight for it, who will be able to work in the normal workplace without them all having to be the boss because they were taught no one must be the underdog? The mind boggles and I feel so sad for the children with parents who teach them how to be wimps and weaklings which is sadly, what they are bringing today's children up to be.

These modern day parents with their weird beliefs and attitudes are not doing their children any favours. They think they are being so modern thinking whereas in fact, they are spoiling their children and making them into under achievers because they themselves have hang-ups that they're pushing onto their children. Thank God I was brought up and lived in the real world where if we were bullied, which we all were, we got on with it and sorted it out properly. We had schools who didn't stand for it and the parents of the bullies gave them a good hiding they wouldn't forget. Today we're told we mustn't hit children when they are really naught as it'll teach them to be violent. Really? Who told you that then?

To all you young parents and people with this mentality out there let me tell you something. When I grew up and children were punished and smacked (I'm not talking REAL child abuse here, I'm talking normal discipline) we didn't have the trouble we see today. Not one person I know has grown into a violent person because of it. No one I know has ever seen that happen either. Yet in today's world of non discipline, we have never seen so much bullying and violence as we do now. So who is right? You tell me. The facts speak for themselves so stop all this modern day nonsense. Stop making children into wimps who all need counselling just to get out of bed in the morning, let them be children with children minds and start discipling them like real responsible parents would. Only then can we maybe see our country start to get back to what it once was instead of the mess you're making it into.



  1. I so agree with you on this Lorraine. It's not so long ago there was talk about banning fairy stories like Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs because they were violent! What the hell is that all about?

  2. Akelamalu - you're kidding? Really? What absolute utter tosh. In my opinion, there are too many do-gooders ruining the world today. That's all I'll say on the subject!

    CJ xx

  3. She's right. I had heard that too. Madness, utter madness. What is wrong with the mother's of today putting up with it and believing it!

  4. I'm personally against smacking children as I believe that just teaches them that violence is the way to get what you want. However, I do think children are punished too little these days. I raised my children without smacking but they knew there would be sanctions if they crossed the lines I'd drawn for them. These days I think children just don't know where the lines are, if indeed there are any.