Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lorraine Drunk -(ish)

Me as you've never seen me before - and probably never will again. This was for my dear friend, Kathryn Brown, author of, Discovery at Rosehill. You can buy her book by clicking here. For now, here I am as you'll never see me again. I think this is a first and at 56 not likely to be repeated in a hurry I shouldn't think.

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  1. THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!! Nothing like the joy of a shitfaced medium. Bless you! ♥

  2. *shitfaced* meaning very tipsy.♥ :)

  3. Are you sober today?!! Your laugh is infectious. I think this video should be everywhere to cheer folk up in these dull and gloomy days of cuts!!!

    I've promoted it a few times on Twitter.

    CJ xx