Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It's That Time Again

This is the time of year I dread. Wardrobe changeover. I have just taken all of my summer (yes, I know, don't laugh) clothes out of the cases where they've been stored for the last few months and refilled the cases with most of my winter clothes. Each Spring and Autumn this has to be done and I always say that in my next life, I intend having a ladies maid.

The reason I have to do this is due to wardrobe space and the amount of clothes I have. For several years or more now, my weight has gone up, down and in-between meaning lots of clothes in different sizes. I have kept on to all the ones that don't fit 'just in case' and to save having to buy more when the weight changes yet again. Well this year I have been ruthless and disposed of lots of the jumpers, skits and trousers that either don't fit or just aren't worn anymore.

My room is a bit of a mess whilst doing this and it always takes two days to finish properly. I started yesterday morning and have been so busy that it isn't quite finished yet tonight. I have been out a lot and tied up with others things, so it was a daft time to do it really. Anyway, one case of clothes has just been shoved in a cupboard until tomorrow afternoon when I'll have time to sort it properly. In the meantime e-bay is being swamped with various things too good to give away. If they sell, one thing I won't be doing with the money is buying more clothes!

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  1. Luckily I have enough space to not have to put things away but every so often I have to have a sort out with bags of clothes going to the charity shop. I have been losing weight steadily and have got rid of 'big' clothes as it happens. I am determined I will NOT put the weight back on this time.