Wednesday, 6 April 2011

E-Books or Paper Books?

Although we are seeing a huge number of e-books now swamping the market, I still think books with pages will continue. I can't see them ever being replaced regardless of what some people are saying. Those of us who are writers go on many writing sites where we place our books hoping for some decent feed back on what we've written. Whilst on there, we look at other books apart from our own in order to give feedback to those writers too. It is something we all do and it can help enormously when it comes to editing the book.

The thing is, there are an awful lot of books we come across that are dreadful. The story is weak, the grammar is almost non existent in some cases and they haven't a hope in 'you know where' of ever getting published - or have they? Now this is where we have a problem.You see with traditional publishing (well known publishing houses), there is a whole process to go through before a book is finally selected for publishing. The majority of books submitted to publishing houses are rejected for reasons I've stated and for a variety of other causes.

Kindle 3G
With e-books, the majority are self-published (mine included) and there is no one to decide if it should be or not. This means the standard of books we will be buying, and already are, is going to drop to a dismal standard. There are already books we see in the shops that amaze us by the fact they were accepted and this is going to happen far more. At least those books are written with a fair understanding of grammar and are edited properly, whereas we are already seeing books which are sometimes barely able to be understood. Not many yet I grant you, but they are there and it will get worse unless someone can find a way for them to go through a submission process as well.

In my opinion, I cannot see books made of paper ever disappearing. For holidays e-books are brilliant as it saves packing loads of heavy books that also take up room in a case, so I can see the beauty of them for those sort of occasions, but for me, they'll never be a total replacement. It might well be they won't be as widespread in the future as they are now, but I cannot for the life of me see e-books being the only way anyone will ever read again.


  1. My neice has just bought herself a Kindle and loves it. For me you can't beat the smell of a brand new paper book. :)

  2. I feel just the same. As you know, I was reluctant to put Discovery at Rosehill on eBook publishers but I did it in the end. I think we have no choice but to move with the times and if eBooks are taking over then we authors have to go with it.

    However, traditional paperbacks will always be the book shelves, no matter how many eBooks are out there. I'm all for eBooks now, since getting my Kindle. But I have to admit, people who have bought my book in paperback have said how nice it looks and feels in their hands. That surely has to be a compliment to the paperback industry.

    CJ xx