Saturday, 5 March 2011

What is the Point in Blog Hopping?

Lately, I am seeing lots of comments on blogs I go to where people comment only to say,

 'Hello, I am your latest follower on (whatever day) blog hop. Please follow me back.'

Well I am sorry and you can call me stupid or a spoil sport, but what exactly is the point of that? Why do so many people today think that in order to read your blog, you MUST follow theirs? Most of these people haven't even read what you've written. They just copy and paste the same comment onto hundreds of blogs hoping you'll click on the 'follow me' button on their own blog. They probably don't even care if you come back or read what they have to say as long as they can show off a high number of followers. What a pointless and futile exercise that is.

Isn't the whole idea of reading a blog meant to be about you liking the content? That's what I always thought and there are quite a lot I go to and enjoy but don't always leave a comment on. Sometimes that is because I haven't anything much to say that doesn't seem trite and other times, it's because there are so many other comments I know mine will get lost amongst them. Besides, some posts are enjoyable and some are rubbish. I know mine's like that and so are most blogs I visit with odd exceptions.

I don't need loads of comments as I can see how many people have visited my blog and I know who comes back time after time. Yes, it is nice to receive a comment here and there, but I don't want to be put under pressure to leave one and I don't want my visitors to feel they have to either. I am delighted you pop by and that is enough for me. Please, don't feel obligated just come if you want to and when you are able. If you can only come by once a month or two then that's also fine by me. Some of us are busy with other things in life than sitting all day going from blog to blog. I know I don't have time and don't expect it of others.

I have always believed in quality rather than quantity and I would rather have 5 people following me who really want to, rather than hundreds or thousands who are doing it just because they want me to follow back in order to boost their numbers. It's the same on Twitter. They pride themselves on having thousands of followers, but most of that number are not even real people.

Do you think all the celebrities follow back everyone who follows them? No they don't. Are they bothered about blog hops and getting people to follow then just to say they are? No, they aren't. If you want to read my blog then I am delighted and will possibly pop over and see yours when I can. If I like it, I will probably keep popping back from time to time. If having to follow blogs I don't like, or even ones I do, is part of the deal, then you might as well cut me out right now. I have a very busy life and struggle to fit in all I have to do each day as it is. I cannot spend time running around blog after blog when others think I should.

I'm not being nasty, I'm not being ignorant towards you or a spoil sport, I am just far too busy with other things that really need to be done before I can spend some time reading for pleasure. Some people are at home all day with not much to do. Others have very busy lives and have too much to fit into 24 hours. I am at home most days, but those days are filled with more work than I ever had when in full time employment for others so please don't think me rude, I am just worn out and sometimes it's nice to have 5 minutes when you don't have to do anything. It is so rare that happens, that I am not going to use that precious time blog hopping to boost someone's numbers. For those who have the time and partake of this pastime - enjoy it, but please realise not all of us have that luxury called time.


  1. Here, here! Well said. I totally agree.

  2. I so agree with you Lorraine.

  3. Great post - so true. I'm grateful for the followers I have, and don't feel like I need loads.
    I write my blog for me, if I've nothing really to say then I can go a while without posting.
    It's an added bonus if there are people out there who choose to leave a comment :)