Saturday, 5 March 2011

We Went to a Beetle Drive

Bacon Battie

We had an incredibly entertaining evening yesterday. We went to our first ever Beetle Drive without having any idea of what it was all about. We belong to a lawn bowls club and in the winter they hold social evenings for us all to get together just for a bit of fun. Each time they do something different and last night was the Beetles with bacon batties. For those who don't know, a bacon battie is a roll or sandwich with loads of lovely back bacon to die for (see pic. above).

We sat on tables of 4 people to a table and were each given a piece of paper and a pen. There was a cup with a dice and each table had to try to have the winner. We had to throw the dice as quickly as we could and whatever number we threw corresponded to a part of the beetle. You had to throw a 6 to start and if you did, the 6 meant you could draw the body of the beetle. Number 5 was the head, 4 the tail etc. You couldn't draw the eyes or feelers in until the head was on though. It was hilarious. We were all throwing the dicve as quickly as possible to see who could get all the parts of the beetle to finish first.

Body  6
Head  5
tail      4
legs     3
feelers 2
eyes    1

Once someone has the whole beetle drawn a bell was rung and we all had to stop. We then added up all the bits we had got. If you had the whole thing (and had won) the total was 33. So a body, head and two legs would mean you had scored 17 points. We played this nine times in all and at the end we added all our scores from each game to get a final figure. The one with the highest score overall won a prize.

I can recommend this to anyone to play as everyone rushing against the clock to be the winner often meant that in our haste to get it drawn before anyone else the dice would go flying off the table resulting in four grown adults scrambling like mad to pick it up and throw again. I have never laughed so much in ages. That together with the bacon butties made for an evening full of fun. Can't wait for the next social evening. Roll on April 8th.


  1. Sounds wonderfully fun...good game for any party.