Monday, 7 March 2011

My Literary Agent Has Left Me in Limbo

Tomorrow is the 8th March. It is my father's birthday, but it is also the day I signed a contract with my literary agents in 2010. They wanted a two year contract but something made me agree to only one year and that year is up tomorrow. I have to say that was a wise decision to have made. I was very naive when  I first started writing a year ago and yet look what has happened in that short space of time. I am not that same naive person I was back then. I now realise, I probably rushed into this agreement a little too quickly in my excitement at being signed and have spent the last year not knowing what is happening with my books.

I self-published two in the meantime as people kept asking when my main books were coming out and I have taken the decision to self publish one of those now too. It is out on Friday -  as you are probably aware. My agents are based in two countries and I mainly have dealings with the one in this country for obvious reasons. I say mainly, but I never hear from them. I have no idea what has happened with anything. We have spoken I think twice in the year.

When I self published and wrote to tell them we had communication briefly to discuss whether they would receive a fee for it. At the start of our relationship they submitted to Hay House and after being told by Hay House that my book was being 'considered' I was quietly hopeful as that is apparently a huge step. Sadly it wasn't to be and I was turned down at the very last stage. The publisher said the only reason I was rejected is because I wasn't well known - if I had been, they would have published me. Since then, I have no idea what has happened with any publishing houses.

Has my book been submitted to any, has it been rejected, has nothing happened with it at all? I have no idea. No communication whatsoever.  Considering our contract expires tomorrow I had expected to hear something and hey ho, an e-mail arrived this morning. Ah, thought I, at last they have realised our agreement has come to its conclusion and they are making contact. Wrong! They were telling me about another of their authors who has a book launch in Durban and they wondered if I would go! No mention of me anywhere in the mail.

I have worked very hard indeed over the last year promoting myself, getting my name known, starting blogs for not just me but for other writers and I am one of the most pro-active authors they probably had on their books. I am not sure if they ever even visited my blogs or saw my other books. I found out soon after signing that they concentrate more on self-publishing authors for an agreed sum. I think this is what they have concentrated on to be honest and I was left out in the cold.

It's a shame as I got on very well with the one I dealt with and she is a genuinely very nice sounding lady, but they haven't done anything for me and I am left wondering do I submit to publishing houses or have they already had my MS? Do I try another agent and have another year of the same and waste all that time or do I keep going it alone? I'm not sure at the moment is my honest answer, but it is difficult to know who I can submit to and who I can't. Publishers hate being bothered with the same queries all the time and I don't want to antagonise anyone, but where does all of this leave me - not in a very good place really does it?

So if there are any publishers out there reading this who would like to publish me...

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  1. How disappointing your literary agents were for you but at least you're not contracted to them for another year.