Saturday, 12 March 2011

How Sick and Sad is This?

For some reason there is a person who keeps making up fake identities in order to leave messages on one of my blogs just in order to try to hurt me. I have no idea why they should be doing this, but it seems very peculiar and rather a sad and strange thing to do. Even sadder, I know who it is. They are now aware I do as I sent an email to them. Just one line using their name saying hello to them. They then made up another fake identity and did the same thing again. I sent a second e-mail letting them know I was aware that was also them. They then made up yet another - Why?

Is the person mentally disturbed in some way, suffering from depression and crying out for help or are they being just plain nasty and silly? I have no idea but for some reason this particular person has been doing other things to me as well over recent years and I am fed up with it. I have switched off from them totally and whatever happens in their life now I am really not at all interested. I was once, but I have had that swept away. I really do not care now and they'll have to go and find someone else to pick on for their silly behaviour.

What is sad about all of this is the fact that the person doing it was close to me at one stage and I was the only one who truly believed in them and tried to help and encourage. I was genuinely interested in this person and what happened to them when others didn't. How much nastier does that make it then that they turn on me after all those years when they know I have had grief a plenty from other quarters. I have changed. I am not the person I am any more and it is due to several people in my life that this has happened. I don't take crap anymore from anyone, so if you're reading this as well and want to leave yet another comment with another fake identity, feel free. I know you read all my blogs, I also know it is another one you leave the fake names on, but you know what? You're the one with the problem not me so if you want attention, you aren't getting it from me anymore so go bother someone else..


  1. Lorraine, Four of my closest blogger friends have been hacked, their identities stolen, their blogs taken over etc.... It is a happening thing. :(

  2. Good grief! Your "stalker" clearly has issues. You've handled this all incredibly well. I'm not sure I would have been so restrained!
    You have a lovely blog btw.

  3. It's sad when people are nasty and it is usually because they feel inferior. :(

    You are doing the right thing in not letting it get to you Lorraine.

  4. Sad...they must not have much to do or have many friends.