Thursday, 31 March 2011

How Dare I Know What A Blog Is

Yesterday, I attended a private lunch where there were approximately 16 women. During the course of the lunch, one of them asked if anyone there knew what a blog was as they had heard of them but had no idea what they were. There was a wall of blank faces until it was suggested by another that I most probably would know as they thought they had heard I had one - whatever 'one' was. I tried to explain to them in very simple terms what a blog was; what types of people write one and the differing reasons for having them. In all, the explanation took about a minute maximum. After all, I knew they weren't the sort to be interested. Even with the simple explanation given, I could tell it went straight over their heads and they were completely out of their depth. Then because they couldn't understand anything, they started to snigger at me.

This isn't children I'm talking about here, this is grown women who should know better than to be so juvenile. Sadly though, this is the mentality of a lot of the people I have been mixing with due to my marriage. I was the youngest there at 56. The others were from their sixties upwards. Their ages aren't an excuse for their total ignorance of all things to do with the twenty first century, because I know an awful lot of people throughout the world of similar ages to them who are very computer literate and are working on them each day being very creative indeed. The ignorance of the women I was with is due to the fact none of them is interested in anything outside the small town they live in and most have never worked a day in their lives and have just lived off their husbands.

I was suddenly turned on by the majority there and sneered at as though I were a trouble maker for daring to be able to do the things I do. I was asked why I wanted to talk to people throughout the world and why I needed to advertise and promote my books. They called my books 'a little hobby' and basically ridiculed my talks and everything about my life - all because I dared know what a blog was. I then made a huge mistake by saying I was astounded that out of a room of 16 women, I was the only one who was computer literate in this day and age. Was I attacked for that comment!

The lunch yesterday proved to me even more just how much I have grown away from these people. I have distanced myself from the majority for some time now anyway, but I cannot sit with people who don't appear to have any active brain cells and who have no conversation other than the next coffee morning, lunch or dinner, which is the extent of it all. I know we are all different, and some of the women there were pleasant and do actually have things they do locally that keep them busy, but even they can't see beyond the town we live in. I am not writing this to be nasty about them as we all live different lives.

What I am writing it for is because of the fact I was humiliated and attacked - yet again - for being something more than a woman who is content to shop, drink and socialise. What is most astounding is the fact I have managed to be a part of it all for so many years. The days of me being permanently sneered at are over. I am through with most of these people and I won't be going to any more ladies lunches. It's the first one for quite a while and I think you can safely say, it's the last one for a very long time to come.


  1. So sad.Really, to overgrow seems to be a crime. I have had a lot of such experiences of loneliness and humiliation. I never attend parties and if i happen to go anyone would locate my loneliness.

    It is really surprising people behave in such ridiculous way. If i don't know anything then you must know that. What a mentality! But they are free and we should not accept any change rather we should change.

    So sad.

  2. Yes, the nice thing about choice is we can choose not to keep company with unpleasant people.

  3. I'm sorry to hear this, Lorraine. I know you said you hadn't enjoyed the lunch but I didn't realise this was the reason why. Those women are petty-minded, ignorant and, for want of a better word, bullies. Perhaps they know no different that to be who they are, but personally, I'd much rather have a life. I get this from my sister as you know; she thinks it's "sad" to blog and have a wealth of friends "online". They're not real, she often says, but she knows absolutely nothing. Look at the friendship you and I have found, you are one of the nicest people I know, far nicer even than my own sister.

    When I think about people ridiculing others like this it makes me feel very pitiful towards them; they have very little to show for their lives which is why they all stick together and cause such hurt.

    CJ xx

  4. I then made a huge mistake by saying I was astounded that out of a room of 16 women, I was the only one who was computer literate in this day and age. Was I attacked for that comment!

    That goes to prove that the truth hurts doesn't it?

    Small minded people - I don't blame you for not wanting to be in their company. x

  5. Sometimes it can be hard to move on from those who have no understanding about what and who you are now, but it sounds as though you have already made the break. It's funny really, the way that groups gang up on those who dare to contradict the mass opinion..shows that they are led rather than lead...good on you for standing up for yourself! x