Thursday, 10 March 2011

Graphic Pictures of Animal Torture Done to Shock

Yesterday, someone put a post on FaceBook that was a photo of two horrible thugs doing something dreadful to a dog. It was the most upsetting and horrendous thing to post on everyone's page who was a 'friend' of hers. The reason the woman posted it is because these thugs are being sought as they are well known for animal torture. The problem was with the content of the photo. she chose to post. Why did we have to see the whole thing instead of just the men's faces? What sort of person wants to inflict that on others and what is the purpose unless they themselves also get some sort of kick out of it?

I sent the person concerned a direct message asking her not to post things of that nature in their entirety again as I was so upset and couldn't get the image out of my mind (I still can't). I asked if next time she would crop the photo. so we didn't have to be disturbed with the whole thing and could just see the people being sought. She is obviously not a woman who does things in a sensible manner thereby enlisting positive action from others to help in her cause, because what followed was horrendous.

She sent me a direct message in return saying she was un-friending me on Facebook as she had no intention of stopping putting these sorts of photo's up. She then proceeded to tell me in graphic detail some horrendous things that were done on a daily basis to animals. I can't tell you the things she was saying as it is too horrendous but I was in tears reading it all and horrified at what human beings do to dear innocent animals. She knew I was already upset and disturbed by what I had seen so why did she feel a need to tell me other dreadful things? It is so difficult to stop reading something you have started and I suppose, we hope there will be something redeeming at the end - of course there isn't though.

What sort of person must she be to have done that to me? That is the sort of thing that doesn't help animals in any way at all. It is done to shock and for drama. She isn't helping anyone with that sort of behaviour and she certainly isn't helping the animals concerned. If she truly wanted to do that, she would post the pictures of the people who are wanted so we would all post it on our pages. Instead, she goes for horror and shock resulting in all of us deleting it. How is that helping? To then do what she did to me as an extra tells me she must get some perverse pleasure from it all herself surely? If anyone told me I had upset them I would be mortified, would apologise and make sure I didn't do it again. I certainly wouldn't deliberately add to their distress as she did.

I'm afraid to me, she is behaving as some of the fanatical animal activists do. Instead of helping the animals they profess to love and want to help, they do the opposite. They use bombs, go into places and set animals free to be killed in other horrendous ways and all manner of things. Fanatics are never a help, they are a hindrance to good causes and in my eyes, are just as bad as the people they are talking about. Anyone who truly wants to help, will do it in a peaceful, proper way designed to have positive results rather than the negative ones they attract and achieve.

All I know about the woman who sent me that message is, she is someone who has upset me dreadfully and caused me to not only have the image of that poor dog in my mind, but also other graphic pictures she decided I should now have also. You tell me, is that the act of a kind person who means well or of someone with a sick mind?

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  1. Some people actually like graphic details, a bit like rubber neckers looking at accidents on the motorway. You don't need friends like her on facebook or anywhere else Lorraine. :(