Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Everton, Liverpool and Manchester United

Last weekend saw me fraternising with the enemy - so to speak. My sister would have been horrified had she been with me. You see, she is an avid Liverpool supporter and we had gone to Chester for a long weekend to see my husband's grandchildren playing football. One of them is on trial at Everton Academy - yes, you heard right - Everton. For those reading this who aren't British , football is soccer and Liverpool and Everton are two rival teams in the city of Liverpool.

But it doesn't stop there, it gets worse. On the Saturday, we went to watch more football and this time I was standing and chatting to a chap who works for Manchester United. He is quite high up with  them and apparently often seen sitting with Sir Alex Ferguson so all in all, I wasn't doing very well was I? Mind you, there are those who would have thought it wonderful to be at Everton and to meet the chap from Man. Utd, but I have never been one to be impressed by such shallow things thank goodness. Had I been there the week before, my sister would really have been sick, because there was a Liverpool player standing watching them and she would have loved that.

I have to say, the standard of football from these youngsters was very impressive though and I am thrilled to have gone to see Jack (grandson) play there. I am sure he'll get signed to Everton if he continues to play the way he did when we watched. It's a lovely opportunity for youngsters as they get to play all the junior teams from all the other premiership league teams too. Dream come true for most young boys and they get a football kit identical to the main team given to them to play in as well..

There was a very amusing side to it all though. We had Thursday evening, Saturday and Sunday at matches - both football and rugby. Most people were walking around dressed appropriately for the weather, mud and the fact it was a football or rugby match and then you got the uniform brigade. By that, I mean the bleached blonds with huge designer sunglasses perched on top of their heads rather than over their eyes, skin tight jeans tucked into their boots, full make-up as though going to a nightclub, tight fitted shortie jackets and the continual parading up and down all the different pitches with a swing of hips hoping to be seen by anyone and everyone - in fact, looking total chav's and very, very sad.

The very manner of the way they were walking showed they were posing and not at all interested in why they were meant to be there. You see, we were in the area where premier league footballers are by the score and some players come to watch their children or nephews play in these matches. It doesn't matter to these girls they might be married, they just want to bag themselves a footballer because of all the money they have. Sad isn't it? Still, I enjoyed watching the youngsters and we now wait to see if Jack gets signed by the rivals to my sister's favourite team!

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  1. I'm stuck in the middle of my two sons - Elder a Manchester City supporter, younger a Manchester United supporter! :(