Saturday, 12 March 2011

Does My Book Predict World Disasters? Yes

My latest book, A Guide's Guide to Mediumship and Healing has a chapter towards the end where the spirit world talk about our world today. I started writing this book 6 years ago, left it in a drawer for 5 years then brought it out and finished it over a year ago.
On hearing of yesterday's devastating news about Japan and how widespread it was - even reaching other countries - I thought how strange it happened so close to the New Zealand earthquakes. That in turn made me suddenly think about a certain chapter in my latest book.  I went and got it out and looked the chapter up. It was as I thought. I am now wondering if this book should have come out sooner. It carries warnings for the world in the penultimate chapter and gives guidance.
I am now wondering if what they say is right and that maybe be would all be reading this chapter. That sounds wrong, because I know they are right with what they say, but I never realised the implications of their warnings, not did I realise how soon what they say was to be upon us all. I haven't read my book since I wrote and edited it and that isn't the same as reading it. I think I will sit down right now and read that chapter in full - if you already have the book, I suggest you do the same and take note of what is being said then spread the word as far as you can and to as many.

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