Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Biscuits Anyone?

I had lunch with some friends on Tuesday and one of them told us a story I'd like to share with you. It happened many years ago when her children were little and on school holidays. They went into town and after doing the shopping, went into a cafe for a drink. It wasn't too busy so they were able to find a table for the four of them quite easily. She sat the children down and went to the counter to order their drinks.

As she was there, a woman come in and after looking around, sat at their table, which was a bit surprising as there were plenty of free ones. Whilst waiting for the drinks my friend picked up a mini packet of 4 biscuits so they could have one each to tide them over till they got home for tea.

She paid for everything, carried it all to their table and handed the drinks around. As she was doing so, the other woman sitting at their table opened the packet of biscuits, took one out and started to eat it. My friend was totally gobsmacked and didn't know what to say or do. She gave the woman a filthy look, grabbed the packet with the remaining biscuits and handed one each to the children before the woman could eat any more of them. She was annoyed because she had to do without hers as there was now one missing from the packet but chose not to say anything and cause a scene.

After a few minutes, the other woman got up and with a stony look on her face, stared hard at my friend, spat out a curt and very definite "Good Bye!" and walked out of the cafe. Relieved she was gone and thinking what a peculiar woman she had been, they finished their drinks at leisure before heading off home. They got to the bus stop and when the bus came climbed aboard whilst she fumbled in her coat pocket for the loose change thrown in there after buying the drinks. Instead of the loose change she found - yep, you guessed it - their packet of biscuits. She was absolutely horrified and now understood why the woman had looked and sounded so aggrieved. She hadn't stolen one of their biscuits, they had stolen hers.

All these years later my friend was able to laugh about it, but said when she realised, she turned absolutely beetroot red with embarrassment and horror and told us she didn't have the nerve to go to that same cafe again for many months afterwards in case she bumped into the same lady. I think I would have avoided the whole town.


  1. How horrible and funny, too.

  2. That was so embarrassing I couldn't help but laugh! LOL