Friday, 4 March 2011

Birth of My Book - Last Scan Today

Today I am very excited. A proof copy of my book should be here and if all is well, I shall be giving approval for its publication and paying for Global Reach so it can be bought anywhere in the world. I am excited because this was the first book I ever wrote. I have had two others published since then, but this one is like my first baby. This is the one I want to do really well and would like to nurture like any mother with her child. How sad  must that sound to anyone other than a writer?

Other writers will understand my feelings. From a blank page where the first word was typed, to a whole manuscript that then had to be edited, re-written in parts and tidied up until the whole thing became presentable and ready to be shown to the world. Like the birth of a new baby. First there was a thought, then a seed was planted and that seed was carried and cared for by the mother until it developed enough to make its entrance into the world  ready to be shown off by its proud parents.

Like any proud mother who holds her baby up to be seen and told how beautiful it is, that is what we as authors want to do with our books. The first born is always special - the others that follow are too, but there is no feeling like that first time is there?

Well, my baby is about to arrive and although the others are important to me, this is my first and as such, I am waiting with breath held to make sure all is well and nothing wrong with it. I am treating today like the last scan to check all is well before the birth next week. As you know from a previous post my book's expected birth date is to be March 11th and if all goes well today that is when the whole world can see it. For now, it is just us. I will savour this moment and cherish our last moments in private together as I know this is a time I will never be able to re-live. Like any proud parent wanting to hear everyone say how beautiful their baby is, I want the same for my book. I want people to hold it and say how wonderful it is.
My first born.

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